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The #beapirate Challenge 2021 is almost over and so many incredible projects have come out of the last four weeks of hard work. 65 teams have worked on solving global challenges, inspiring us with their innovation and creativity. Everything from the extinction of bees and lab-grown meat to mental health and sustainable bricks for housing has been tackled by these incredible 14 to 19 year-olds. We are more than blown away by their efforts and their ideas working towards Sustainable Development Goals.

For example, consider the project WE-NIVERSE – a game designed to reduce the risk of suicide amongst young people. By playing the game for 15 minutes, the player is given a mental health report as well as tips and activities to improve their wellbeing based on the game performance.

Or another project, TlapalliCalli, is aiming at putting an end to the pollution created by the fashion industry. The project uses 3D printing technology to turn waste into clothes while at the same time supporting local craftsmen by involving them in the design process.

Or imagine wearing a nanotech t-shirt and just having to breathe in order to produce electricity. That’s what the project Breath of Electricity is working on. You would have eco-friendly power anywhere you went.

Aerem has developed a device to turn CO2 emissions from cars into clean, breathable air. Thinker has invented an urban indoor farming kit that makes organic eating cheap and sustainable. Radiocation has built a radio to provide disadvantaged children with education. And Project Firefly is revolutionizing the fight against forest fires.

We could mention many, many more ideas, but go have a look yourself here and let yourself be inspired by the creativity and hard work of these young pirates.

Imagine if all of these ideas were turned into reality! They would definitely help us move closer to reaching the SDGs and make life on Earth a greater experience for all. That’s why young people should be given the chance, the resources, and the network of people to turn their ideas into reality. They truly can make a big difference in our world!

About the Challenge

The #beapirate Challenge is the top global challenge for young talents, leaders, and changemakers. In a 3-week journey pirates from all over the world form teams and develop projects to solve the global challenges we’re facing. Every day they receive input to help them with their projects, and mentors journey along with them to guide their process. The three weeks are followed by a week of online voting which decides which 7 teams will pitch at our live Pitch Night.

You can watch the live stream here.

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