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Fashion is the second most polluting industry worldwide, just after oil industry. It’s estimated that around 20% of industrial water pollution in the world comes from the treatment and dyeing process. One of the most affected sector by this industry are the workers. Due to the high demand, their designs are stolen and they get exploited every day. Moreover, they are forced to work in utterly precarious conditions without receiving enough money to afford a decent life. TlapalliCalli's main purpose is not only providing customers with a sustainable brand option that uses eco-friendly materials, but also raising awareness about sustainabilty through practice, as well as promoting mexican crafters work and smart consumption. In order to achieve our goals, we decided to implement 3D printing, which would allow us to produce new kinds of fabrics from different waste materials. Hence, we would not only be able to manufacture recycled clothes, but we would also do it without polluting as much as conventional manufacturers do. This technology is also a head start to move on to a more green garments production and reduce our impact in the environment.

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