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Urban areas in India waste an estimated 9.4 million tonnes of plastic waste annually. This is attributed to many factors; however, it is easy to highlight India’s lack of properly recycling their waste. As a result, India is a significant contributor to the ever increasing landfills and pollution across our planet, which will lead to devastating, irreversible consequences for the future. Recycling, a potential policy solution, is far too complicated and expensive to implement throughout the country under the current circumstances. A more efficient method would be to upcycle the discarded plastic, something which could provide a greater immediate impact without the extensive planning. SoBrick aims to ensure durable and sustainable housing while refining our environment for the future. As infrastructure continues to be a growing market due to the world’s increasing population, we need a sustainable way to safeguard our planet. Our ingenious technique makes the SoBricks more durable and longer-lasting than generic clay brick; SoBricks can also be reused multiple times. Moreover, our raw material is the urban waste that would otherwise be polluting our planet.

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