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One of the biggest problems humanity is facing today, according to the official UN SDG’s, is the unavailability of proper education to more than 200 million children in the world. This especially becomes a problem when people from the countryside move to the bigger cities in the expectation of finding a better life. But this is not the case for the majority, and the end up in slums. Our idea is to give every child access to education via radio, an affordable but still highly effective method. This way, we could theoretically reach every child impacted by lack of education. The foundation of the product is a radio, however, we are going to improve it by adding various elements to it, such as solar panels for powering, even if there is no electricity available. The Product is designed to be as small and handy as possible, while still serving its purpose. The electronics are inside a robust housing, and the teacher can be heard via two speakers. Additionally, the housing leaves space for learning tools, such as paper and pens. -Team Radiocation

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