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Peace Hub is an innovative, public safe space for commuting neurodivergent individuals that allows them to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of the city. It makes urban areas and transportation more accessible to them by serving as resting zones with various assistive tools that are tailored to their needs. Dispersed within commuting routes, Peace Hub prioritizes functionality over elaborateness amid already busy urban landscapes. Self-help panels, speech-generating devices, noise-cancellation headphones, and fidget toys are also present within the hub among its many other features to provide neurodivergent individuals peace of mind while commuting. With Peace Hub, everyone can roam the city, independently and comfortably. Here you find peace of mind.

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Crew members

Jamie Emilie B. Alabin
Jove C. Calalo
Charles Kendryck L. Caluste
Joanne Claire T. Gonzales
Christian Ulysses C. Paculaba