Breath of electricity

SDG 07
Electroactive PolymersNanotech

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The project idea aims to generate electricity by taking the advantage of the continuous biological process which is breathing. To harvest this energy, we designed a t-shirt that produces electricity by breathing. But how will this happen? The answer is simply the electroactive polymers. This material has the ability when expanded to produce an electric current. When the carbon of the electroactive polymer moves, it changes the electric capacitance, so it produces electricity. The project seems interesting, but what is actually the importance of it? Well, our project solves the problem of the lack of personal energy. It's totally eco-friendly, which means it will produce electricity without the need of burning anything. Moreover, this project will make a big jump in the field of electricity generation, instead of paying a very large amount of money on electricity generation, this money can be invested in many other useful things. So, support our project to save energy, and save the earth

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