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The Future Belongs to the Young


At Moonshot Pirates we strongly believe that the future belongs to young people. It’s the young people, who will live in the world we are creating now. That’s why they should be given the tools and the network enabling them to take action and shape the future themselves. We can guide them, share our experiences with them, offer our perspectives, but ultimately, it’s the young people who will live with the consequences of our present choices.

That’s why we’re kicking off another round of our #beapirate challenge this June! This 3-week program is all about placing the power to shape the future in the hands of young people. Together with our mentors, they develop epic projects that will create a better tomorrow. We’re super excited to see what our pirates come up with this time – last year, we were absolutely blown away!

Consider Climatrix for example. Their project’s aim was to increase Earth’s white surface by spraying salt particles of seawater in the air that produce low-level stratus clouds so that more light rays are reflected to cool down the Earth. Impressive idea!

Or BrainLightVR. This team hoped to reduce the risk of and treat dementia by using VR to train the brain. With 50 million people suffering from this disease worldwide, this idea is without a doubt highly impactful!

The team NoPlaDrops is another great example. They have developed a modern-day solution to help fight back plastic pollution. The NoPlaDrops is a biodegradable plastic that can replace any plastic objects such as shampoo bottles so that people can fulfill their needs without the cost of more polluting to our oceans and our beaches.

Pretty epic ideas, right? If you want to learn more about the challenge and how you can participate, click here. The application deadline is 31. May, so don’t hesitate – jump in!

Imagine how much the world could be improved, if such ideas were implemented or if more young people were involved in solving our global challenges! The creativity, the passion, and the desire is there; only the opportunities and the openness from society is sometimes lacking.

Young People Changing the Narrative

We also recently had a webinar with Alyssa Carson and with Melati Wiljsen respectively. These two young women are showing the world that young people have what it takes to contribute to the world on a grand scale.

Alyssa is training to join NASA’s first manned mission to Mars. 🚀

Whereas Melati is fighting hard to ban plastic to save the oceans and nature. 🌱

This is all just to say that it doesn’t matter how old you are or how much experience you have. Sometimes, all that really matters is how passionate you are and how willing you are to fulfill your dreams. You can always ask for help and support from people more experienced than you.

All you need is the courage to #thinkbig, #daretolearn, and #takeaction.

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

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