Moonshot Pirates Mentors

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Our global network of mentors and experts is a bunch of amazing people who generously offer their time and expertise to help our young pirates sharpen their approaches, overcome barriers, and accelerate their paths to greatness. When attending Moonshot Pirates’ events and joining our community, our experienced mentors and advisors will help you craft an epic journey for you and your venture.


We are so happy, that you want to become a Moonshot Pirates Mentor and support the young generation with your knowledge and expertise. Please tell us a bit about yourself, your why and how you would like to support.


They are not afraid to roll up their sleeves to help you shape your ideas, aim for big visions, and suggest unique solutions to the challenges that may come along the way.

We are grateful for each one of them!

Jeremy Knott

Former Marketing Director at Deloitte UK (ES)

Verena Mai

Head of Marketing at Credi2 | cashpresso (AT)

Philip Rosenauer

Attorney at Law at PHH GmbH (AT)

Pascal Finette

Co-Founder ‘be radical’, SingularityU’s Chair for Entrepreneurship & Open Innovation (USA)

Caro Frank

Brand Consultant (DE/AT)

Taja Karner

Happiness Coach (SL)

Tobias Schaller

Business Consultant & Entrepreneur (AT)

Mike Fuisz

Founder, Chief Creative Officer at moodley (AT)

Kathrin Pachinger

Artist, Textile Designer & Yoga Teacher (AT)

Steve Ayling

Passionate Educator & Counsellor (UK)

Stefan Markov

Chief Growth Officer at Hypest Hyve (BG/AT)

Jean-Pierre Kallanian

Moonshot Pirates Mentors' Advisor & Human Systems Facilitator (AT)

Safet Rama

Moonshot Pirates Organizer & Business Consultant (XK)

Matthias Dirnbacher

Finance Specialist, Musician and Sports Enthusiast (AT)

Melanie Müller

Mindfulness Teacher & Designing Your Life Coach (AT)

Verónica Celis Vergara

Tech4Good Entrepreneur (CL/DE)

Christian Fleck

Lifepreneur, Personal Development Coach, Chief Failure Officer (AT)

Simon Horowitz

Founder of Fitbrit | Personal Trainer for Health, Fitness & Motivation (UK/AT)

Doris Strohmaier

COO at Pipelife (AT)

Tom Venning

Trainer & Coach specialized in B2B sales & leadership (AT)

Jacqui Chew

Organizer, TEDxAtlanta, Managing Director at iFusion (US)

Sheryl Winarick

Immigration Lawyer and Explorer (US/PT)

Viola Frank

Senior Innovation Manager at Greiner Innoventures (AT)

Ali Mahlodji

Co-Founder of WHATCHADO & EU Youth Ambassador (AT)

Zac Hoffman

CEO SWALeadership LLC, Athlete Mentor (USA)

Franck Michel

Head of Digital at Nestlé (FR/AT)

Dieter Kalt

Entrepreneur & Former Pro-Ice Hockey Player (AT)

Adriana Frasin

Transformational Coach & Brand Strategist (DE)

Helery Pops

Investor and Expert in Product Management, Customer Research and Sales (EE)

Hari Kalymnios

Coach, Speaker, Author & Trainer (UK)

Kat Haber

Climate Activist, Youth Mentor & TEDx Organizer (USA)

Sarah Braun

Innovation Strategist at Volkswagen (DE)

Markus Angermann

Entrepreneur & Blockchain Enthusiast (AT)

Vilyana Lazarova-Guerra

Head of Accelerator Lead F at Female Founders (BG/AT)

Raphael Mikl

Co-Founder of Karma + Pitch Digital Storytelling & Branding Agency (AT)

Kathrin Pachinger

Artist, Textile Designer & Yoga Teacher (AT)

Mathias Haas

CEO SuperSocial & Curator TEDx (AT)

Nick Diliberto

Entrepreneur & Digital Marketing Specialist (US)

Donovan Taylor Hall

Growth Coach, Youth Speaker and Content Creator (US)

Gabby Benjamin

Innovation Leader at Hoffmann-La Roche (CH)

Tomasz Pekala

Personal Coach, Busy Dad Coaching (PL,AT)

Rosa Saunders

Tutor Academy Team Lead at GoStudent (AT)

Martina Uster

Eticpreneur and CEO at WEISS (AT)

Erez Tsalik

Facilitator at Systematic Inventive Thinking, IL

Stefan Kainz

Senior Manager Human People Development (AT)

Dejan Stojanovic

Entrepreneur & Founder at Fuckup Nights Vienna (AT)

Norberto Amaral

Communications Consultant, TEDx Organiser & Author (PT)

Lenny Leeman

Front End Engineer, CEO & Co-Founder at Get Mads (AT)

Anastasia Marinopoulou

International Lean Changemanagement & Business Development Consultant, Coach and Entrepreneur

Juliet Biederman

Educator (US)

Katharina Binder

Program Manager at The Ventury (AT)

Marion Grammel

Chief Sparring Partner at The Early Birds (AT)

Juliane Petsch

Business Coach and Consultant (AT)

Markus Setschnagg

Problem Solver (AT)

Ralf Schiebel

Marine Senior Scientist at Max Planck Society (DE)

Olga Platzer

Team & Motivation Coach (AT)

Lara Helmrich

New Business Development Marketing Manager at Dräger (DE)

Patrick Batka

Finance & Projects Manager @Nordsee Austria

Briken Bufi

Sales Team Lead and Remote Work Expert (AT)

Clemens Mader

Sustainability Scientist (AT)

Isabel Oostvogel

Open Innovation-, Business Model- and Impact Strategist & System Changer (AT)

Gregor Beyerle

Software Development, Functional Programming & Training at Innerspace (AT)

Raphael Huber

CEO at Polarstern & Strenght Trainer (AT)

Katharina Baier

Management Facilitator, Bodywork (AT)

Randy Bretz

TEDxLincoln Curator & Media expert (US)

Shyla Melwani

Author & Yoga Teacher (GH)

Viktor Penzinger

Venture Manager at V_labs innovation (AT)

Adam Rajnoha

VR/AR Expert, CEO & Co-Founder of YORD (SK)

Stefan Weder

PR & Communications Professional (AU)

Markus Wilthaner

Strategy Consultant and Sustainable Mobility Expert at McKinsey & Company (AT)

Magdalena Neidhart

Sustainability Expert at CellCube (AT)

Mario Kwas

CEO and Founder of K & D Businesscollege (AT)

Alexandra Waldherr

Quantum Computing Expert (AT)

Stefan Kreppel

Head of open Innovation P21st at PALFINGER (AT)

Stephan Jung

Innovation, Digitization & Start Up Consultant (AT)

Vlad Emil Petrea

Self-Leadership Guide, Spaceholder, Entrepreneur (AT)

Tobias Micko

Gamification, Design & Communications at Playful Solutions (AT)

Grace Yang

Chief Trouble Maker & TEDx Organizer (CA)

Florian Greimel

Strategy Consultant (AT)

Maarten Walraven

Educator, TEDx Organizer, Creative & Arts Enthusiast (NL)

Angela Yonkova

Associate Lawyer at Brandl & Talos (BG/AT)

Lucas J Winter

Managing Director Contakt GmbH, part of Umdasch Group Ventures (AT)

Milena Gencheva

Career Coach & CEO at UNIFY Ltd. (BG)

Francesca Puccio

Business Owner and Coach (BE)

Niki Skene

The Business Therapist | Founder at Global Inspiration Tours (AT)

Anja Silberbauer

CEO at Harmony & Care (AT)

Craig Matthews

Senior Innovation Consultant at ESA BIC Austria at Science Park Graz (UK/AT)

Grete Ling

Entrepreneur & Head of Marketing at App Radar (EE/AT)

Sarah Rapp

Founder of How to Be Global (DE)

Juan Guerra

Storytelling for Startups (VE/AT)

Adam Montandon

TEDxOdense Curator, Public Speaker & Product Design and Innovation Expert (DK)

Gabriella Reynes Opaz

Leadership Coach & Speaker, Co-founder of 4-Voices, Educate to Communicate, Catavino (PT/US)

Anita Neumannova

Teaching and Research Associate (CZ/AT)

Alexa Karanyic

Digital Product Strategist & Business Coach (HU)

Selma Prodanovic

Startup-Grande-Dame, Founder & CEO 1MillionStartups (AT)

Olga Fedina

Cross Cultural Competence Trainer, Diversity Equality Trainer (AT)

Candice Allen

Mindset Coach, Soul Teacher and Student of Life (CA)

Alex Evatt

Next Generation Leadership Coach & Speaker, Freestyle Dancer, Founder of New Direction (AT/FIN)

Petra Hauser

Manager at Talent Garden | CEO at XBH GmbH (AT)

Paulo Ferrera

Creative Mind at Braintribe IT Technologies (BR/DE)

Jeremija Hranjec

Innovation Consultant ESA BIC Austria at Science Park Graz (HR)

Tim Cox

Senior Partner at Opera Consulting Group (AU/AT)

Samira Hayat

Telecommunications Engineer & Drone Researcher (PK)

Daniela Krautsack

Founder of Cities Next and Cows in Jackets Urbanist, Experience Designer & Trend Blogger (AT)

Nina Bauregger

General Manager Austrian Leadership Academy (AT)

Thomas Peroutka

CEO & Founder of Lympik (AT)


Share your expertise with the young generation and help them reach their goals.

The perks of being a Moonshot Pirate mentor

What drives them and what they think about. Get inspired by their creativity and open-mindedness.

Tap into the pool of future talents & possible business partners. Connect with other mentors from all over the world.

Leaders are those who empower others. Become a better leader by helping young people realize their potential.

Get to know innovative methods and tools. Explore with us the topics of innovation, personal development and entrepreneurship.

Join us either online or on-site during our bootcamps and events. We give you the flexibility to set your own schedule.

Selection process of a Moonshot Pirate mentor

After the initial contact with a potential mentor, either once they apply through our website or get recommended to us otherwise, we enter the qualification stage. In order to get to know potential mentors better, two of our crew members have a call with them to understand their background and see whether our values are aligned. This is also an opportunity to answer any questions and see which of our programs are a good fit for them. As our mentors work with minors, we also require them to submit a police record prior to our cooperation.


We are so happy, that you want to become a Moonshot Pirates Mentor and support the young generation with your knowledge and expertise. Please tell us a bit about yourself, your why and how you would like to support.



Join the movement and become a Moonshot Pirates Mentor.

We are happy that you want to become a Moonshot Pirates Mentor and support the young generation with your knowledge and expertise. Please tell us about yourself, your why, and how you would like to support us.

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