Our Why Moonshot Pirates

Why we do what we do.
And why we love it!


Encouraging young minds to dream big & to walk their own path by fostering moonshot thinking & sparking the entrepreneurial spirit.

We live in one of the most exciting times in history. Now and for the decades to come, everyone has the opportunity to shape our world and to contribute to its development. It’s up to us what we make of it. Moonshot Pirates don’t care about conventional rules and limits. We follow our path. We have come to change the world and to leave a positive impact on our society.

We believe everyone has what it takes to make a difference. With that we want to encourage young minds to dream big, to find out what they are passionate about and to follow their own path. We believe everyone needs to create their own map for life, to get the right guidance and ultimately to unlock their full potential. Everyone has what it takes to be a pirate.

As a global movement of young changemakers enabling personal and professional growth, we want to change the way young people grow up in the world.

Playing it forward!

At Moonshot Pirates we are building a global movement of future-oriented talents, young leaders, and changemakers. We aspire to provide guidance and an initial push. It is a movement shaped by and for young minds who love to learn and take action and those who love to share their experiences, those who mentor and guide, those who play it forward to the next generation.

Fun & Purpose

We believe that helping young minds to find their purpose, providing freedom and resources to follow their path, and combining it with a lot of fun is what it takes to #beapirate..
We meet each other at eye-level.

Impact on education

With Moonshot Pirates we shape and transform the way young people learn and grow up globally. By contributing to a bigger picture, young minds receive the opportunity to acquire skills of the future based on their individual needs, passions, and purpose in life. Our community is inclusive and accessible to everyone around the world.

Online Community
Digital platform, innovative content, explanatory videos, useful inputs, creative ideas, international network, helpful exchange, regional meetings.

Global Peer Mentorship
A one of its kind 5-months program designed to help young people set their goals high, overcome any obstacles and find the best version of themselves in an international peer group of 4 and with the guidance of an expert mentor.

Annual flagship festival
International 5-day ideas & innovation festival in summer with workshops, networking, leisure activities, bands, lectures, mentors and many more.

#beapirate challenge
Online competition in which students develop solutions concepts for the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. The winning team goes to Silicon Valley.

Regional 3-day Bootcamps
Exciting speakers, ideation workshops, 48h hackathon, mentoring lessons, pitch training, final pitching, development, and implementation of own ideas with 10+ international experts.

Talks, Webinars, Blog
Featuring topics of future skills, global challenges, moonshot thinking, exponential technologies, mindset, personal growth, entrepreneurship, or just something for fun. Brilliant minds, speakers, and experts from across the world share their insights in talks, keynotes, workshops, blog posts and webinars.

There are no rules for pirates, only values!
Here are those that collectively guide our decisions and actions:

We give a damn. We care!

We approach others with empathy & without judgment.
We play it forward by supporting each other.
We meet each other at eye-level.

We act as a global community.

We recognize that our differences make us stronger.
We value equity & inclusion for all.
We think & act green.

We go for the WOW moments!

We go beyond what is expected & find ways to surprise.
We believe in the power of deep connections.
We always strive to improve the experience.

We hijack the rules!

By questioning the status quo.
By embracing creativity & new perspectives.
By doing things differently.

We have fun!

We are free to do things our own way.
We believe life is too short to be bitter.
We make time for developing crazy ideas.

We are humble & show gratitude.

We say thank you.
We understand we can’t do it alone.
We grow consciously.

We dream big & are driven by purpose!

We create a positive impact.
We think & act exponentially.
We set goals that scare us.

We are curious & always strive to learn & to improve.

We embrace every opportunity to improve & stay ahead of the future.
We are not afraid to ask for advice & learn from the best.
We appreciate feedback & learn from mistakes.

We lead by example!

We get things done.
We are transparent & we don’t bullshit.
We stand up for our values and beliefs.

In the past couple of months, more than 5000 young pirates have entered our community from over 100 countries. They have grown and advanced their entrepreneurial and creative skills as well as created innovative solutions for global challenges.

We are excited to share all of that with you!


Our mission is to positively impact the lives of 1 billion young people worldwide by 2030.

We aim to provide the most advanced and inspiring solutions globally for empowering young minds to become future leaders and changemakers.

This is our Moonshot! Join us on the way to making everyone a changemaker!