Moonshot Pirates Bootcamps

take action. have fun. hijack the rules.

Moonshot Pirates Bootcamps

take action. have fun. hijack the rules.


Transform your vision into tangible projects in one of the 3-day Moonshot Pirates Bootcamps.

Starting with insights from accomplished entrepreneurs and changemakers, you will receive valuable input in the fields of entrepreneurship, Global Grand Challenges, exponential strategies & latest technology trends, as well as personal growth & moonshot thinking. After an ideation workshop, you will be provided with time 48 HOURS HACKATHON, knowledge, support from international mentors, and tools to successfully execute your ideas in a supportive peer-driven environment.


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Welcome & Introduction

check-in & getting to know each other

Keynotes by Experts

entrepreneurship, tech trends, personal development & global challenges

Ideation Workshop

identifying problems, generating ideas, teaming up

Start of the 48h Hackathon

start executing your ideas with the help of mentors

48h Hackathon

execution of your ideas with the help of mentors

Mentoring Hours

support with prototyping, product development, business plan, marketing, finance, etc.

Workshops & Activities

additional workshops, activities to help you develop your idea further

Fireside Chat

fireside chat with an investor

48h Hackathon

execution of your ideas with the help of mentors

Pitch Trainings

prepare your presentation with experienced coaches

Final Pitch Night

present your final projects and prototypes infront of jury and friends – open to public

Enter the Global Community

becoming pirates and community members


Things you need to know before you attend one of our Bootcamps.

Moonshot Pirates Bootcamps are 3-day programs full of inspiration, knowledge, mentoring and taking action.

In general, the Bootcamp is designed for people between 14-19 years. But if you are younger or older and yet feel, that this could be also helpful for you, feel free to apply. We want to make everyone a changemaker.

Each Bootcamp is limited to 30 participants. Each participant needs to apply to be selected.

  1. Select the Bootcamp you want to participate in.
  2. Fill in and submit your application.
  3. Send us your parent’s approval – for those under 18.
  4. We will inform you via email within 2 weeks if you got accepted.
  5. Pay your ticket.*
  6. Join the Bootcamp. Take action. Have fun.
  7. Join the global community of Moonshot Pirates.

*For paid Bootcamps you will need to purchase your ticket after the acceptance or you can apply for a scholarship, in order to have your ticket free of charge. For sponsored Bootcamps and “pay as much as you want” Bootcamps you will need to pay a deposit of € 100,-. Your deposit will be returned after you participate at the Bootcamp accordingly.

Unfortunately, we are not able to cover your travels or VISA. In case you are coming from a different country than the place of the Bootcamp, please make sure that you can organize and pay for your travels before applying.

Depending on the location Bootcamps are usually held in a local language. See a Bootcamp of your choice to find out about the language.

You can apply both as an individual or as a team (perfect for matura projects). If you are applying as a team, each of your team members will need to send a separate application. Please inform us in your application, if you are applying as a team.

You can apply with or without an idea for a concrete project. This does not have an influence on your application.

Yes, the final pitch night is available to the public either on-site or online. Feel free to invite your friends, family, teachers, etc.

Our Bootcamps usually cost 150,- € per participant. You can however also apply for a free-of-charge scholarship. In some cases, we have sponsored Bootcamps or “Pay as much as you want” Bootcamps. In such a case, a deposit of €100,- will be charged prior to the Bootcamp. If the Bootcamp is on a “pay as much as you want” basis, you can decide after your participation how much and if you want to pay. Please have a look at a selected Bootcamp, to see which cost applies.*
*For independently organized Bootcamps, this may vary. Please refer to the individual Bootcamp page for more information.

So you have realized that you cannot participate at the Bootcamp anymore? Well, that’s a pity, but we understand. Please let us know via email at . If the Bootcamp is independently organized, please contact the organizer directly. You can find their contact details on the individual Bootcamp page. Your cancelation must be received 20 working days prior to the Bootcamp, so we can refund you the full ticket price or deposit. If you cancel less than 20 working days prior to the Bootcamp or don’t show up at all, you are liable for the full ticket price or deposit fee. Please make sure that you have received an acknowledgment of your cancellation from us or the independent Bootcamp organizer. Only this will confirm that your ticket cancelation has been received.

In the shared mission of creating a global movement of future-oriented talents and young changemakers, a Moonshot Pirates Bootcamp is an independently organized event for young people between 14-19 years old to help them explore new technologies, find their passion, get advice from mentors and experts and start building what matters.

These local, independently organized Bootcamps are branded Moonshot Pirates with a city/place name following the name, where the city/place stands for independently organized Moonshot Pirates Bootcamp. The Moonshot Pirates Brand provides general guidance for the Moonshot Pirates Bootcamp Global Organizers, but individual Moonshot Pirates Bootcamps are organized independently.

Easy! Here you can download a pdf with detailed explanation of our bootcamp in German or English version.


Browse through the amazing, innovative, and impactful ideas developed during our Bootcamps.

CLOUD GREEN | Embracing the potential of deserts by generating electricity with solar panels, casting shadows, and ultimately populating the Sahara desert. (SDGs 15, 7)

SOLVVAX | Dissolvable vaccine bandages – quick to manufacture, easy to store, effortless to apply. (SDGs 3, 12)

EACHONE – TEACHONE | Learning has to become a voluntary and fun activity. That’s the easiest with friends and by doing something good. (SDGs 4)

TRAIN TO GO | Revolutionizing the travel industry and creating new experiences with a sustainable slow-traveling train concept. (SDGs 9, 13)

ViGy | Tracking facial impressions and emotions while live streaming in order to align and adapt your stream to the mood of your audience in real-time. (SDGs 9)

SCHIACH | Digital platform that fights food waste by reselling imperfect & unwanted vegetables and fruits directly from the farmers. (SDGs 2, 12)

TRASHURE | Trashure aims to tackle multiple global challenges at once: environment, unemployment & homelessness. By collecting trash with locals, they charge 3D printers in order to print & provide houses to locals. (SDGs 1, 13)

MISSION METHAN | Collecting methane gas in cattle barns in order to produce fertilizer for farmers. By that, they reduce greenhouse emissions significantly. (SDGs 13, 15)

HYDROSARE | Hydrosare is using an affordable desalination technique for end-users to turn seawater into drinking water. (SDGs 6, 3)

LOOP | Sustainable, flexible living (SDGs 11, 13)

LAFLY | Medical bot that can spot any abnormalities and call for help (SDG 3)

VERSCHNITT | Zero waste, local & eco-friendly fashion (SDG 12)

GENDER SEAL | Social movement for gender suitable medication (SDGs 3, 5)

MINDFUL | An app that helps you set and achieve your goals (SDG 3)

QUOTIPEDIA | Helps you discover the educational content, quote, song or other media around (SDG 4)

WATCH HEALTH | Everyday health companion (SDG 3)

FINST | Taking Electricity to the Next Level (SDG 7)

SOCIAL GUARDIANS | Protection Vests for Civilians (SDGs 3, 10, 16)

A-BAG | Up-cycling of Old Skis  (SDGs 12, 13)

TUNE CHAIR |  Barrier-Free Individualized Wheelchair Components (SDGs 3, 10)

GRATOS | Educational Platform for Elderly (SDGs 4, 10)

SEETEE |  Healthy Regional Refreshments (SDG 8)

SNOWWIRE| Avalanche Emergency Responder (SDGs 3)

LIFE TRIP | Individualized Sustainable Travel Experience (SDG 12)


Check out the collection of memories and ideas developed from our past Bootcamps.

Johannesburg 2022

September 13-15
Moonshot Pirates Bootcamp Mostviertel 2021

Vienna 2022


Tema 2022

Moonshot Pirates Bootcamp Vienna

Vienna 2021


Mostviertel 2021

Moonshot Pirates Alsergrund

Alsergrund 2020


Vienna 2020

Moonshot Pirates Tyrol

Tyrol 2019


Carinthia 2019