Global Youth Peer Mentorship

unleash your full potential


As one of its kind, the Global Peer MentorSHIP program is designed to help you set high goals, overcome any obstacle, and unlock your full potential in the world. You will achieve all of that in an international peer group with other young people and with the guidance of an experienced mentor.


We will pair you with three other young people from around the world and an experienced mentor who will guide you through this thoughtfully designed 5-month-long online journey.

You will receive tools, knowledge, and a safe space to help you unleash your full potential. You will become more confident, set audacious goals, and have a space to discuss challenges in your life. Join us if you want to make the first steps toward your dreams and get out of your comfort zone!


Stage 1

Navigate Personal Growth
Because every pirate deserves to get to know their strengths, personal values and set their goals high.

get to know your mentor & peer group

identify your strengths & passions

get clear on your values

define your vision & goals

Stage 2

Overcome Challenges
Because achieving your goals starts with developing the right habits and eliminating the things that hold you back.

challenge your comfort zone

improve your focus

learn how to deal with difficult experiences

build good habits & get rid of the bad ones

Stage 3

Grow Through Contribution
Because the world needs you to put your personal goals in a greater context in order to create a better tomorrow.

develop the brightest version of yourself

contribute to a better world

moonshot your personal goals

give back & share your learnings with other pirates


These mentors will guide you and your crew along the MentorSHIP journey!

Upon acceptance, you will be able to indicate 4 mentors you would like to work with. This helps us with matching you with the right mentor and your peer group of pirates.

Anita Neumannova

Teaching and Research Associate (CZ/AT)

Kathrin Pachinger

Artist, Textile Designer & Yoga Teacher (AT)

Zac Hoffman

CEO SWALeadership LLC, Athlete Mentor (USA)

Juliane Petsch

Business Coach and Consultant (AT)

Donovan Taylor Hall

Growth Coach, Youth Speaker and Content Creator (US)

Briken Bufi

Sales Team Lead and Remote Work Expert (AT)

Gabriella Reynes Opaz

Leadership Coach & Speaker, Co-founder of 4-Voices, Educate to Communicate, Catavino (PT/US)

Olga Platzer

Travel Industry Expert & Life Counsellor (AT)

Helery Pops

Investor and Expert in Product Management, Customer Research and Sales (EE)

Candice Allen

Mindset Coach, Soul Teacher and Student of Life (CA)

Olga Fedina

Cross Cultural Competence Trainer, Diversity Equality Trainer (AT)

Samira Hayat

Telecommunications Engineer & Drone Researcher (PK)


Free mentorship for young people from all over the world!
  • Designed for young people between the ages of 15 and 19
  • In total 10 online 90-min sessions are conducted once every two weeks
  • There are 3 deliverables planned throughout the program: your vision board, individual activity to get you pro-actively out of your comfort zone, and finally a peer group joint peer tool box of your learning.
  • Group mentoring times will be arranged with your mentor & should stay fixed
  • In total 2 feedback calls between the mentees & Moonshot Pirates crew
  • The MentorSHIP will be held in English
  • It's important you have a stable internet connection and functioning camera for each group call
  • You will receive a certificate upon a successful completion
  • Primarily for pirates who went through one of our Bootcamps or Challenges.

  • BONUS: By joining the MentorSHIP you will also get access to our digital community. This will give you the opportunity to connect with purpose driven pirates and mentors from all over the world, receive premium content and access to additional events and activities.


See what the pirate’s community & participants say about our programs.

Sumaiya Binte Imad from Bangladesh, 17 years old

Maya Inkret from Slovenia, 17 years old

Erika Dollinger from Germany, 16 years old

Filip Zeis from Austria, 18 years old



You want to set big life, academic, or career goals
You want to make healthy choices in your life
You are looking for a supportive environment
You want to get clarity about your strengths and a future path
You want to get out of your comfort zone
You want to contribute to the development of others


You are joining just for fun to try it out
You can’t commit to the minimum of 9 of 10 sessions for the 5 months and show some endurance
You are looking for a teacher-student relationship
You seek therapeutic support to deal with health or mental issues


Program length
October 2022 – February 2023

Application deadline
September 28, 2022 (midnight CET)

Limited places available
By applying you agree to commit to joining a minimum of 9 out of 10 sessions with a stable internet connection and cameras and microphones turned on.


We are so happy, that you want to join the Global Peer Mentorship Program from October 2022 to February 2023.

Now go ahead and tell us a bit about yourself.

We are looking for authenticity. It is about you. There are no wrong answers.


This program is proudly supported by the AWS, with funds from the National Foundation for Research, Technology, and Development.⁣

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