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Over 1300 brilliant young minds aged 15 to 20 from 150+ countries joined the Shape the Future Challenge, in collaboration with Volkswagen Group, to work on groundbreaking solutions for a greener, more sustainable, and accessible future of mobility.

From mentoring sessions, expert keynotes, tools, and insights, these young changemakers have ventured into the field, channeling their creativity and passion, breaking the norms, and exploring the limits of what can be achieved.

Explore the solutions developed and meet the winning team, who will join us for an unforgettable trip to Silicon Valley, California!

From groundbreaking ideas in road safety driven by AI to VR-enhanced urban planning, witness the passion and creativity of brilliant young minds participating in the challenge.


Congratulations to Lilia Gerber, Tobias Lendl, Oliver Sommer, and Luis Kalckstein for winning the Shape the Future Challenge!

Team Autopreneurs from Austria’s HTL Spengergasse developed an innovative AI system for better road safety. Their prototype uses traffic camera video streams to evaluate road risks, which helps prevent accidents and traffic congestion. The collected data can also support future road construction. This idea could pave the way for more AI-driven solutions in road safety.

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Discover the solutions of the top seven teams that advanced to the finals.

Shape the Future of Mobility | Global Youth Challenge | Element


Shape the Future of Mobility | Global Youth Challenge | Element

How do people want to move around megacities and rural areas in the coming decades? What options can we offer that will meet their needs? And how – with what kind of technological solutions – do we implement them into products, services, and new business models in such a way that we achieve our climate targets? We at Volkswagen Group Innovation think these questions need to be tackled in the upcoming years within mobility.

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With its “NEW AUTO – Mobility for Generations to Come” strategy, Volkswagen strives to become one of the world’s leading software-driven mobility providers by 2030. With a wide range of skills and its international network, Volkswagen Group Innovation is dedicated to focal points such as decarbonization, security, conserving resources, and future mobility models for maximum customer benefits.

One of the most pressing issues within the field of mobility for national roads operator like ASFINAG is the need to improve the carbon footprint and find innovative solutions to reduce traffic congestion. This includes reducing the number of accidents and fatalities on the roads, addressing issues such as speeding and distracted driving, and investing in infrastructure improvements such as better road design and maintenance. Additionally, there is a need to address the impact of transportation on the environment, including reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable transportation options.

#smarthighways #smartmobility #greenhighway

As a reliable, innovative, and sustainable mobility partner, we connect regions and people in the heart of Europe. ASFINAG was founded in 1982 and is a company owned by the state. Our tasks: We plan, fund, build, maintain, operate, and collect tolls along almost 2,249 kilometers of motorways and expressways.


The 5-day program in Silicon Valley includes workshops, meeting interesting startups and founders, and visiting companies like Meta, Apple, Amazon, and Google. You will explore the campuses of Silicon Valley University and Stanford.⁣ You will get all the insights, explore the future of education, and discover the entrepreneurial mindset and moonshot thinking behind the area! This experience will undoubtedly shape your future!

Watch the highlight video to join the previous challenge winners on their journey to Silicon Valley.


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