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75% of our most important food crops depend on bee pollination. Every third bite of your food is related to bees. Unfortunately, the number of these important insects has been decreasing to a critically low number. One reason for this is that there are fewer wild plants for the bees to thrive in. HeyBee is going to change that. With cities growing, many people have a spare space, like a balcony, roof, or garden. At HeyBee, we provide you with 3D printed bee homes that you can easily print out at a public 3D printer near you. Additionally, you receive a step-by-step plan which guides you through the whole process from getting your first bee home, to which flowers to plant and how to take care of your friends. We will also partner with companies and provide them with personalized bee homes that will carry their logo. This gives businesses the opportunity to support a sustainable project that is making a positive impact on the environment while advertising their brand. Our vision is that every garden, every balcony, and every rooftop will have a bee home, giving bees a nice place to live and connecting people back to nature. Together we can change the world, one bee home at a time.

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