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Suicide rates among young people are on the rise with every passing year. And guess the #1 reason for this? Stress encountered at school. Among other hefty investments, schools aren't designed to factor in the mental wellness of students. Our moonshot is to design a tool that can help schools put wellness at the core of the teaching and learning experience. We call our Moonshot - WE-NIVERSE; that we are together in this journey in the WEllness uNIVERSE. We plan to design a fun video game that students can play in the classroom for 15-20 minutes. Each student will get a personalized set of actionable steps they can take to improve their wellness. The report is accessed by the teacher and is followed up by specific well-being periods in school periodically. Our moonshot's USP includes Machine Learning, Green Gaming, a distinguished panel of psychologists for validation, and a promising future in V.R. By helping educators and parents become active participants in the mental well-being of a youngster and incorporating entertainment into wellness, we aim to make mental health a topic for classroom conversations and thus smash the stigma around it.

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Anagha Rajesh
Diya Menon
Sweta R.K.
Swaifa Haque
Madhulika Karthi
Manasi Patil
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