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Our project is an eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and lab-grown meat, which has a low carbon footprint and water usage. We will tackle the plastic pollution problem by using plastic as one of our feedstocks. With a low production cost and added nutrients, we strongly believe our product will be a healthy food with an excellent price. We aim to produce meat that excels in nutritional value and in avoiding the health drawbacks of traditional meat. We strive to Revolutionize the meat production industry with new innovative, efficient, and inexpensive methods. And now for technical stuff, We will be using bioengineered microorganisms that grow on plastic to produce vitamins and animal haemoglobin. We will also use algae bioreactors to capture the carbon dioxide produced from the respiration of the muscle cells and the microorganisms. We will grow vegan meat with one of the feedstocks being PET( the most abundant type of plastic) and by using a non-hazardous strain of E.coli.

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Crew members

Sumaiya Binte Imad
Samah Ayana Kabir
Yee Phyo
Aleksandra Kulisiewicz
Anas Chebli
Amal Bouzaida