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Fyto is an urban indoor farming kit that is fully automated and comes with a mobile app. Here are the interesting features. Firstly, its Adaptive lighting helps boost the growth of the vegetables. With the help of AI, our lighting feature adapts to the condition of the plants based on its growth and changes accordingly. No space at home? Don't worry, It is Modular which allows users to tailor fit it to their needs. As there is no such thing as one size fits all. Users will be able to add on more features in the future. With AI monitoring, all u have to do is wait for it to grow! There is a specially formulated medium that maximizes nutrients absorption which is organic. Fyto App is integrated with The Fyto kit. By taking advantage of IoT we’re able to allow the user to monitor the device remotely via the app. The onboard monitoring system will notify the user once the vegetables mature. But the app has other features too. First is the Wiki-Plant, your one-stop planting library! Next is the Vege-Dex, where you can record your planting journey. Finally, we have Farmer’s Hub, a community platform where you can connect, share, explore, and learn new things about the farming world.

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