The Secret to Happiness Is Contribution


Life is a big adventure. There are so many experiences you can have, so many places and topics you can explore, and so many people you can meet. So many opportunities are open to us nowadays that it almost feels overwhelming. Finding one’s path and one’s purpose may seem confusing and labyrinthine. Where to start and where to end?

Well, one thing you might ask yourself is: How can I contribute to the world I live in? Few things create such a strong sense of purpose as helping other people out and making a positive difference. Contributing, whether through your business or on a voluntary basis, is an immense source of joy and meaning. But why is that?

Benefits of Contributing

Contribution is awesome for many reasons:

  • You feel like a part of something bigger
  • You help shape the world you live in
  • You participate in society and may meet new cool people
  • You gain a sense of accomplishment and usefulness
  • You receive gratitude from the people you’re helping

Imagine a world, where everyone contributed to the greater good. How different wouldn’t our world be? At Moonshot Pirates we very strongly believe in giving back and playing it forward. Our whole pirates’ community is based upon this principle of contribution. Our movement wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for all the people supporting us.

Vision comes alive when everyone sees where his or her contribution makes a difference

– Kenneth H. Blanchard

How You Can Contribute

Contribution can happen in a billion different ways. You can volunteer, start a project, help the people in your social circle, spread awareness about important topics, etc. Here are a few concrete suggestions you can look at if you want to start contributing:

  • Volunteer for an organization (for example, the Red Cross, TEDx, NGOs, etc.)
  • Organize events around a cause that speaks to you
  • Start a project to solve one of the global challenges (for example by joining one of our programs)
  • Donate your time to people in need (for example, the elderly, the disabled, refugees, etc.)
  • Sweeten the day of your friends and family (for example by buying flowers, cooking meals, cleaning up, or giving them a call)

Big things have a big impact, but also small things matter. Smiling at a stranger might brighten their day, donating some old clothes may warm someone living in poverty, and developing a machine to provide water to people without access to it may ensure their survival. It all matters. And it all starts with you.

Here is a powerful video by Tony Robbins on giving to inspire you to start:

#beapirate! Start something that matters.

You can start by checking out the #beapirate challenge and start creating solutions for a better tomorrow right away!

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