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Every once in a while, it is helpful to reflect back and distill what lessons you have learned since the last time you checked in on yourself. We do so much, experience so much, and receive so much input that it’s important to take a step back and reflect on what we’ve learned.

While reading a book, it can be a good idea to make notes, write down quotes, or draw your thoughts. The same goes for videos you watch, workshops you do, podcasts you listen to. Ask yourself: What was the essence of what you took in? And how can you use that for your life?

The Importance of Relfection

Journaling can be a great way to reflect daily on your growth and the lessons learned. We receive a lot of input daily, and sometimes it’s easy to forget. Reflection is a great way to make the most out of the experiences you have. It takes your personal development journey to the next level because you’re not just taking in, but digesting it, distilling it, and thinking for yourself.

For this reason, our Global Peer MentorSHIP program ends with every mentee creating a Toolbox of learnings. Not only for themselves but also for others to enjoy their learnings. Learning together is a lot more efficient and fun than learning alone. So read on, if you want to see some snippets from the Personal Growth Toolboxes from our Pirate community 馃挭

Personal Growth Toolbox

#1 路 Listen to Your Inner Voice

We are bombarded with expectations, worries, beliefs, and opinions of other people constantly. Staying true to yourself and hearing your inner voice is difficult through all of that noise; however, it is super important to develop that ability anyway and to follow your inner guidance. It’s your life after all.

#2 路 Remember Your WHY

Actions and beliefs that have a strong purpose behind them are much stronger than those that lack it. Your WHY is the fuel that will get you through most challenges. It will help you transcend fears and doubts and help you see the bigger picture.

#3 路 Less is More

Life offers a lot of opportunities and possibilities. It’s our task to find out which of these we want to dive into and which we can happily live without. It’s not unlikely that we find more joy in going deep with a few things, than superficially surfing through a lot of different things. Focus on what you love and let others do what they love.

#4 路 Be Grateful

Your quality of life is strongly influenced by what you focus your mind on. If you think of everything you’re lacking or missing, you’ll easily feel bad. And if you think of everything you have and are grateful for that, you’ll immediately feel better, feel happier, and feel satisfied. Gratitude is a powerful tool to improve your life experience.

#5 路 Small Things Matter

Setting big goals and achieving great things are awesome. However, it can also feel overwhelming and unachievable. Sometimes, it’s great to just focus on the small things 鈥 the things you can do for others and the things you can do for yourself. You might be surprised how much those small things actually matter, now and in the long run.

These were just five of many, many lessons learned. What is something you learned recently?

Also, keep a lookout for聽the next application round of our Global Peer MentorSHIP聽beginning in the first week of Augutst, if you want to learn and grow too.

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