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Everyone wants to succeed in something. But before we talk about succeeding, let’s mention what not to do: The fastest way to fail in life is to think: “I want it right now and I don’t want to do the work.” Want a realistic way to success? Then read on to learn from the most enduring man in the world – James Lawrence.

It’s All About the Small Things

“The secret to success is doing a lot of little things, consistently, over a long period of time.”

James Lawrence

Success is about being patient and showing up every single day, learning and gaining knowledge. Have a good routine, small things that you are doing every day. Set yourself small goals, tiny things that you can consistently do. Only then do you start to build momentum. Keep going and eventually, you will create a habit and start to see results.

That is what James Lawrence, known as the Iron Cowboy, did. When he first found out about triathlons, he didn’t know how to swim or ride a bike. But with time and training every day, he progressed from one race to two and ultimately he set a world record, doing 100 iron man distance triathlons in 100 days. But he didn’t stop there…

Go The Extra Mile

When working on something, don’t aim for 100%, go for 120%. That’s why James Lawrence didn’t stop at the 100th iron man but did another one. As he said: “I’m going to do one more. Not because I have to, but because I’m a leader and I want to set an example. Because when you’re exhausted, you CAN get up and do one more.”

“Do one thing a day that adds to your progression.”

James Lawrence

To become successful, it is crucial that you keep getting better. We are never just standing still. We are either moving forward or standing backward. So continue to show up and strive to become the best version of yourself. When was the last time you were intentionally uncomfortable? When was the last time you faced your fears on purpose? These are the moments where you grow.

And don’t get discouraged by failure. Instead, see failures as opportunities to grow and learn. And try to learn as much as possible in preparation so that you can apply these learnings when stakes are high.

How to Become the Best Version of Yourself | Talk With James Lawrence

Tip from James Lawrence: It’s About The Journey

The only way to become mentally tough, grow and gain knowledge is to go out and have experiences. Take your feeling of motivation and do something with it. You can only find out what you love if you try it out. Start small and create momentum for yourself.

But once you have your goal, don’t rush to it. The goal doesn’t matter so much. What matters are the people you meet along the way. So slow down from time to time, have meaningful conversations with the people around you, and fully experience the really cool moments. Trust that you will ultimately get to your goal, so it’s ok to slow down.

Take Time to Do Nothing

It is so healthy for our minds and bodies to get outside and enjoy the beautiful nature. When you remove the distractions and get out into the wild, it’s amazing, how many ideas come in. Read on here if you want to find out more about how relaxation can spark creativity. If you’re constantly entertained, you never have the opportunity to think and be creative. So remove the distractions from time to time and go out. Take time to just dream. Because dreams turn into reality if you take action.

Step Into Your Superhero Suit

When swimming, cycling, and running for 101 consecutive days, James has not only once encountered his limits. That’s when his inner voice starts telling him all the reasons why he will fail. You need to embrace that voice, that bully, and make him your buddy. Have conversations with him, get to know him. Because this voice can bring the best version out of you.

In addition, James Lawrence has a secret weapon: His yellow sunglasses. Once he puts them on, he is no longer James, he is the Iron Cowboy who can achieve anything. So figure out what your uniform is that allows you to step into your stronger self. To get used to your superhero suit, you have to intentionally become uncomfortable over and over again to give yourself an opportunity to find the best version of who you are.

“You’ve got to practice stepping into your uniform and transforming into a superhero, so when the time comes, you are ready.”

James Lawrence

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