How Can Artificial Intelligence Improve Education


Welcome to the modern age of technology. Schools are no exceptions to that. Are you wondering how technology and artificial intelligence can change education as we know it? Then read further!

As technology is becoming more advanced every day, it is very delusional to think that schools will keep focusing on memory skills and outdated tools. Young people would love to have an education that will be the source of future opportunities for them at all levels. Incorporating technology into teaching is a way to move forward. A basic understanding of hardware, software, and design is a simple preparation for young people for the future environment they will live in.

What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence uses machines and computers to mimic human movements, thinking, perception, and many other processes to complete a task. To better understand the nature of artificial intelligence, especially in education, we can divide it into two types. There is a rule-based and machine-learning-based artificial intelligence. The rule-based one uses decision-making rules to produce solutions and recommendations. A bit more advanced is machine-learning artificial intelligence, which can learn and improve itself over time by engaging with large and multilayered datasets. If you are interested in learning more about artificial intelligence, read here!

Artificial Intelligence and Education

The education system and structure should be challenging, competitive, and meet international benchmarks. Artificial intelligence can turn knowledge into a comprehensive system that uses augmented reality tools and simulation.

One of the benefits of using artificial intelligence is the automation of administrative work. Teachers can focus on greater engagement with students while paperwork processes are automated. From school admissions to the grading of exams, technology is a great help here by saving time and energy.

Another benefit of automation is the greater accessibility of quality education regarding intelligent content. Teachers can create customized study materials tailored to students’ needs in different regions. New formats include online lectures and video conferences. Artificial intelligence can also help students identify and streamline their career choices.

Future of Education

The above-listed uses of artificial intelligence are just an overview of the most commonly used technologies in education. The amount and level of technology use can significantly vary depending on the country. Countries like China are just one example of how advanced technology can be implemented in schools. Let’s watch this interesting video that will bring us to one of the local schools in China.

Did this video change your perspective on the use of technology in education? It changed ours for sure!

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