The Positive Side of a Pandemic


You’re probably tired of hearing about it, but pandemics are one of the greatest challenges we’re facing right now and will face in the future. From Tuberculosis and Malaria to the current HIV and COVID-19 viruses, we have been through several pandemics already, and each time many people have died as a result. Every coin has two faces. With the bad comes the good, and that’s why in this article we want to focus on the positive side of pandemic.

Our world nowadays is very interconnected and changing extremely fast. New diseases are likely to develop at a much faster pace than before. Globalization has made us a lot more vulnerable to global pandemics. Here is a video on how globalization increases the risk of pandemics.

However, our global connectivity also has positive aspects:

  • We can work together to find solutions to our challenges as a team
  • We can keep each other informed about possible dangers
  • We can act together to have a greater impact through our actions

The Good Side to a Pandemic

Technological Advancements

The good news is that there are a lot of technological advancements are happening right now. We will get better at identifying potential diseases before they become a global threat and thus be able to stop them in time. Technological development will also help us find cures easier and faster, with biotech and nanotech leading the way.

In addition, megatrends such as neo ecology and health are pushing us in a direction that will give viruses and diseases a harder time to spread. This is because the well-being of our planet and our bodies are being prioritized like never before.

Staying Connected

Pandemics are also increasing our awareness of how interconnected we are. This introduces ideas, hacks, tips, & tricks to beat the lockdowns, study or work from home and help our communities. This will hopefully connect us more personally and bridge the cultural gaps that are currently causing conflicts and wars.

A Global Wave of Innovation

Big companies, foundations, and organizations are focusing on the issue of health. So when the COVID-19 virus caused a global lockdown, challenges, contests, and competitions were launched to inspire a global wave of innovation to tackle the pandemic. We would never have developed so many working vaccines if it hadn’t been for these kinds of initiatives.

Digitized & Affordable Education

The whole education system has been disrupted by the pandemic. Schools, universities, and colleges had shut down. However, many educational institutions have found a way to overcome this challenge and thanks to technology, keep young people both engaged and educated.

Just looking at the #beapirate challenge for young changemakers, gives us at Moonshot Pirates high hopes for the future of education. In this online program young people between 15-19 worked with experts from all around the world to develop projects towards Sustainable Development Goals. Many of the projects were also revolving around health and solutions for pandemics. Make sure to head over to the project page to check out the cool ideas of our pirates’ community.

For now, pandemics are a fact of life. However, the better we get at collaborating, at acting fast and in global alignment, and at innovating, the smaller a role global diseases play.

Individually, we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.

Ryunosuke Satoro

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