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7 Reasons Why Companies Should Listen to Young People


The practice of being youth-centric will be the difference between the organizations that struggle and the organizations that thrive.” – Sarah Sladek

In a world that’s spinning faster than your favorite record, it’s time to shed light on something incredible: YOU. As businesses strive to stay relevant and competitive, it’s imperative that they recognize and tap into the fresh ideas and creativity that young individuals like you bring to the table. In this article, we delve into 7 compelling reasons why companies should prioritize listening to young people more than ever before.

1. Fresh Perspectives Spark Innovation

The dynamism of young minds infuses a breath of fresh air into corporate landscapes. You may not know everything about “how things work” and exactly that is your strength. You challenging the status quo by asking “why not” can lead to breakthrough innovations. By listening to your perspectives, companies can uncover solutions that might have otherwise remained hidden. Embracing these new ideas not only sparks innovation but also positions businesses as trendsetters.

2. Digital Natives Drive Digital Transformation

Growing up in the digital age, you are inherently comfortable with technology. Young people like you are digital natives who effortlessly navigate through the online world. Building on your digital fluency, businesses can embark on smoother digital transformations.

3. Authenticity and Social Responsibility

The modern consumer values authenticity and social responsibility more than ever. Young generations are particularly interested in a company’s ethics and commitment to positive societal impact. By being involved in decision-making processes, you ensure the business sticks to its do-good pledges. This not only enhances the brand but also fosters a loyal customer base that connects with the company’s endeavors.

4. Embrace Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion have rightfully taken center stage in the corporate world. As you might have experienced from our Moonshot Pirates Community, young people come from a wide array of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. Their inclusion in strategic discussions brings diverse perspectives that can help companies better understand and serve their diverse customer base through inclusive strategies and products. Because let’s face it, a world of many voices is more interesting than a solo act.

5. Revealing Untapped Markets

The insights of young individuals can open doors to new markets. Your opinions and behaviors might diverge from traditional consumer patterns, revealing opportunities that would have otherwise been overlooked. By paying attention to your feedback and suggestions, businesses can uncover new niches and create offerings that cater specifically to emerging demands.

6. Agile Decision Making

Have you ever witnessed older generations complaining about how much quicker the world is changing? Well, your turbo-charged thinking aligns perfectly with today’s turbo-charged world. The ability to analyze data and quickly respond to trends aligns with the demands of a dynamic market, enabling companies with Gen Zs to take on opportunities before competitors do.

7. Future-Proofing the Business

In an ever-changing business landscape, adaptability is crucial for survival. Companies that fail to embrace change are at risk to fail. By actively involving young individuals like you, they ensure to remain attuned to emerging trends and technologies. This future-proofing strategy equips companies with the resilience to navigate through the sea of uncertainties and thrive in the face of rapid transformations.

In order to work closely together with the bright minds of GenZ, we at Moonshot Pirates established a Young Advisory Board. On this board is a handful of Young Advisors who are passionate about making the world a better place and are ready to guide us on the way. And it proved again and again to be one of the most important decisions we made. Collaborating on eye level with GenZ taught us so many new things, showed us different perspectives, and left us in awe of their ideas and way of thinking.

Our applications for the next Young Advisory Board are open, if you are between 15-20 you can apply here!

If you are interested in working together with young minds as well, reach out to us to make it happen and be on the front of innovating your business.

The future is being written, and the time to engage the next generation at work is now.

Sarah Sladek

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