Ahoy! It’s nice to meet you. We are the Moonshot Pirates!


Global Ambassador

Niki is the pirate of eight oceans. The seven we know plus the unchartered we discover together. He knows the briney deep of innovation, an exponential swashbuckler to help you incubate ideas that scare you.


Partnerships Advisor

Sigrid's passion is to support and fuel people in their growth and innovation processes. She utilizes her network to build partnerships that last.


Founder & Chief Changemaker

Driven by building what matters, Marko is a passionate entrepreneur, former TEDx curator, and a Moonshot Pirate! And... Marko is a die-hard Liverpool fan.


Program Experience Manager

Florentina is passionate about designing the best experiences possible for our pirates and going for the WOW-moments. Her goal is to put a smile on every pirate's face.


Founder & Chief Buzz Creator

Anet's rule for life is to be brave enough to suck at something new & look for ways to contribute. She is a self-proclaimed master of workarounds & the mastermind behind our brand.


Program Coordinator

Nevena is a passionate learner and explorer of more or less everything in this world. Being the Program Coordinator at Moonshot Pirates, she mainly takes care of all the amazing mentors. In her free time she loves to dance, cook, travel and read.


Brilliant minds. Brilliant ideas. Brilliant pirates.

Jody Medich

Director of Design for Singularity University Labs, California, US

Maximilian Böger

Innovation Enthusiast, Business Model Shaper, Angel Investor, CH

Marcus Orlovsky

Education Nomad & Founder of Bryanston Square, London, UK

Arshad Shiju

Young Advisor, SG

‘Ariff Amir Ali

Young Advisor, MY

Tia Kansara

Director, Replenish Earth Ltd., UK

Lars Hajslund

Entrepreneur, innovator & former president of JCI, Silkeborg, DK

Maitreyi Muralidhar

Young Advisor, SE

Erez Tsalik

Facilitator at Systematic Inventive Thinking, IL

Darena Nguyen

Young Advisor, US

Mark Li

Young Advisor, US

Young Advisor, US

Angelmay Beck

Young Advisor, US

Julia Seiple

Young Advisor, US

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