Ahoy! It’s nice to meet you. We are the Moonshot Pirates!


Chief Navigator

An adventurer who has set sail on ambitious entrepreneurial expeditions. Simon's mission is to unlock the potential of people to become leaders with a positive impact.


Global Bootcamp Navigator

Dancing is Kaya’s natural habitat, fear is her compass & freedom her destination. Her goal is to turn people into the rock stars they were born to be.


General Challenger

As an enthusiastic Brand Consultant & Moonshot Pirate Caro loves to encourage and inspire people to think big, stay curious & have the courage to break rules if it makes sense. She is also passionate about nature, reading, and a bunch of other things.


Partner Experience Navigator

Passioned about music and traveling, Ragna enjoys going the extra mile. You want to talk numbers and find ways to partner up, enter new waters and shoot for the moon - call her!


Global Ambassador

Niki is the pirate of eight oceans. The seven we know plus the unchartered we discover together. He knows the briney deep of innovation, an exponential swashbuckler to help you incubate ideas that scare you.


Chief Changemaker

Driven by building what matters, Marko is a passionate entrepreneur, former TEDx curator, and a Moonshot Pirate! And... Marko is a die-hard Liverpool fan.


Program & Relationship Architect

Building what matters, Lenka indulges in designing our state-of-the-art Moonshot programs while building relationships that last. With her friendly approach and a sense of humor, she will get you on board in no time!


Community Experience Coordinator

Florentina believes that everything can be achieved in a community of awesome people. That’s why she is in charge of communications, marketing, and community management.


Master of Content

He is the pirate behind our creative content! You'll usually find Sergio with a camera in his hands or behind a DJ table. His single motto for life is "trust the flow".


Chief Buzz Creator

Anet's rule for life is to be brave enough to suck at something new & look for ways to contribute. She is a self-proclaimed master of workarounds & the mastermind behind our brand.


Brilliant minds. Brilliant ideas. Brilliant pirates.

Sumaiya Imad

Singapore School Kinderland, BD

Swaifa Haque

Vellore Institute Of Technology, IN

Tia Kansara

Director, Replenish Earth Ltd., UK

Maximilian Böger

Innovation Enthusiast, Researcher & PhD candidate at the Institute of Technology Management at the University of St. Gallen, CH

Marcus Orlovsky

Education Nomad & Founder of Bryanston Square, London, UK

Michael Olivier

African Leadership Academy, ZA

Diora Juraboeva

North London Collegiate School, UK

Lars Hajslund

Entrepreneur, innovator & former president of JCI, Silkeborg, DK

Erika Dollinger

Halepaghenschule, DE

Erez Tsalik

Facilitator at Systematic Inventive Thinking, IL

Jody Medich

Director of Design for Singularity University Labs, California, US

Nevena Banov

HAK Baden, AT


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