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Talent Garden In cooperation #beapirate challenge


The #BEAPIRATE CHALLENGE 2022 in cooperation with Talent Garden brought together 1200 young changemakers between 14 and 19 from 100+ countries.

During the 3-week online journey, these young talents created solutions for a better future with support from international mentors.


Congratulations to team LOOP for winning the #BEAPIRATE CHALLENGE 2022!

The two young changemakers – Zara Pehlivani and Emilio Bazan did an amazing job developing and pitching their idea. Over 50 million people worldwide have epilepsy, and most of them can’t afford treatment (which is usually ineffective, anyway). LOOP is working towards a wristband that detects incoming seizures through compounds in sweat, and alerts the user in advance, so they can use our handheld ultrasound device, which stops focal seizures in real-time. Both are customizable and kid-friendly and reduce costs by over tenfold.


Rewatch the FINAL PITCHING, where our 7 finalists presented their ideas for a better future. They all have proven that they have what it takes to create a more prosperous and inclusive world for themselves and others!






Registration Phase
April 20 – May 31

sign up as an individual with or without idea

get invited to the Moonshot Pirates Platform & receive access to the challenge space

find your team mates & form a team


Developing Your Ideas
June 1 – June 21

learning phase, ideation phase & promotion phase

mentoring sessions, workshops & completion of milestones

submission of projects together with a 1-minute pitch video


Online Voting & Final Pitching
June 22 – July 1

selection of 7 final teams through online & mentors’ vote

final Pitching of team’s solutions towards the SDGs

award ceremony & jury selection of winning team





In this 3-week online adventure, you will get together in a team of 2 to 6 people to work on innovative solutions for a better future. It consists of short videos, online mentoring, and a community of pirates that is there to accompany you on your journey. Throughout this global youth challenge, your team will develop an idea from the ground up and create a final pitch video.

The top 7 teams will be selected through online voting and criteria assessment to participate in the final online pitching event.

The best idea will be selected by an expert jury during the final Pitch Night and will win an educational trip to Silicon Valley, California.

The first step to participating in the #beapirate challenge is individual registration.
After your registration, you will be able to form teams of 2 to 6 people. So, grab your friends, tell them to join your team, and then get ready for 3 weeks of fun. Teammates do not have to be from the same school or even the same country to participate!

You don’t have a team, but still want to join the challenge?
Don’t worry, you can find teammates on our online platform after registration and before the challenge starts.

To participate in the #beapirate challenge is completely free.
You and your team will have a chance to work on innovative solutions for a better future with international experts in their fields. Moreover, the team with the best solution will win a trip to Silicon Valley in California.

We are looking for creative, innovative, and bold ideas and solutions for a better tomorrow. The registration period for the #beapirate challenge runs from April 20 to May 31.

Quick Facts


    • this challenge is designed for young people between 14 to 19
    • teams of 2 to 6 people can enter the challenge
    • each team member needs to register individually on our website
    • after registration, participants will be granted access to the Moonshot Pirates platform, where they can create a team or join an existing one shortly before the challenge starts on June 1
    • Until June 21, each team needs to submit their idea together with 1-minute pitch video. The idea has to address one of the SDGs. Find out more about the SDGs here.

Online Voting
Each team will have time until June 21 (midnight) to submit a 1-minute video about their project. The online voting will start on June 22, where all projects will go online, and will end on June 28. The top-ranked team will automatically get a place on the Final Pitch Night, together with 2 teams who will be selected by partners’ and mentors’ votes. The additional 4 teams will be selected based on the 4 different criteria: impact, feasibility, radicality, and WOW Effect – “does it put a smile on your customer’s face” and based on the results from the online voting.

Online Pitch Day, Jury Voting & Criteria
The 7 selected teams will present their projects again to the judges during the online public Pitch Day. Each team will have 3 minutes to pitch and judges will have 3 minutes to ask questions. The winning team will be awarded a trip to Silicon Valley in California.

We’ve collected answers to the questions we get asked the most about applying to the #beapirate challenge, program, Silicon Valley trip, and other related questions.

Want to find out what happened in previous #beapirate challenges? Check out what ideas got developed, final pitch nights and who were the winners to get an idea of what is expecting you on this awrrrsome journey!



These experienced mentors and advisors will help you and your team during the challenge. From insightful and empowering videos, 1-on-1 mentoring to workshops, they are here to support you, when turning your ideas into reality.



Stefan Niedermair

Technology and Innovation Strategist (AT)

Doris Strohmaier

COO at Pipelife (AT)

Alexandra Waldherr

Quantum Computing Expert (AT)

Lenny Leeman

Front End Engineer, CEO & Co-Founder at Get Mads (AT)

Nina Bauregger

General Manager Austrian Leadership Academy A

Patrick Batka

Finance & Projects Manager @Nordsee Austria

Harshad Fad

Founder of Incluspace (IND)

MARION Grammel

Chief Sparring Partner at The Early Birds (AT)

Grace Sandoval

Startup Guider & Founder Empoweringrace Academy (MX)

Jim Petruzzi

Natural Resource Management and Environmental Expert (CA)

Niki Skene

The Business Therapist | Founder at Global Inspiration Tours (AT)


Open Innovation-, Business Model- and Impact Strategist & System Changer (AT)

Nathale Köck

Learning Program Manager at Talent Garden Innovation School (AT)

Alen Popovic

Head of Sales at Tarent Solutions GmbH (DE)

Sashka Regina

EduTainer Podcaster Brander Marketeer Lecturer (ZA/AT)

Kat Haber

Climate Activist, Youth Mentor & TEDx Organizer (USA)

Daniel Drack

IT Infrastructure Specialist (AT)

Philipp Kranewitter

Head of Innoventures at Greiner Innoventures (AT)

Nicola Austermann

Innovation Manager at GEA (DE)

Nilay Aydogan

Entrepreneur, Co-Founder & CEO of Studio Plus, Wellbeing Strategist (TR)

Kevin DeBruin

former NASA Rocket Scientist turned Professional Space Educator (USA)

Tobias Micko

Product Design Lead at Brickwise (AT)

Jeremija Hranjec

Innovation Consultant ESA BIC Austria at Science Park Graz (HR)

Julius Dobos

Composer, Experiential Learning Program Developer, Distinguished Professor at the USV (USA)


Tech4Good Entrepreneur (CL)

Dennis Kirpensteijn

Angel Investor, Founder & Director at Faraday Venture Partners (UK)

Magdalena Neidhart

Sustainability Expert at CellCube (AT)

Paola Otero

Co-founder & CUX at Space-it (AT)

Samira Hayat

Telecommunications Engineer & Drone Researcher (PK)

Thomas Peroutka

CEO & Founder of Lympik (AT)

Selma Prodanovic

Startup-Grande-Dame, Founder & CEO 1MillionStartups (AT)

#beapirate challenge for young changemakers



April 20 – May 31
We are looking for young people between 14 and 19 with creative, innovative, and bold ideas and solutions for some of the world’s greatest challenges. Are you one of them? Then what are you waiting for? Apply for the challenge until May 31! And don’t forget to tell your friends to join the fun with you!
#beapirate Challenge
June 1 – June 21
This is when the fun happens! During this 3-week online challenge young changemakers from all around the world will have a chance to work on innovative solutions for a better future with support from international mentors. Step by step you will be provided with educational and inspirational videos, an idea generation process, workshops and tips & tricks for executing your ideas!
Online Voting
June 22 – June 28
The top-ranked team from the public online voting, together with 4 teams selected through the combination of online voting and criteria assessment, one team selected by mentors’ vote, and one team by partners’ vote will present their projects during the final Online Pitch Day.

Vote for your favourite ideas here!

Final Preparations
June 29 – June 30
Once your team gets to the finals, you will be supported by a professional pitch trainer, to make the best out of your final presentation.
Final Pitch Night
July 1
The top 7 teams will be part of a Final Online Pitch Night presenting their solutions to the public and a jury. The team with the best solution will win a trip to Silicon Valley, California.
Silicon Valley Trip
Spring 2023
The team with the best idea selected on the Final Pitch Day gets invited to fly with Moonshot Pirates to Silicon Valley in California together. The trip includes flight, accommodation, and full week meeting startups, visiting companies like Instagram, Apple, Pinterest, Google, and exploring campuses of the Singularity University and Stanford. The team will learn about the way of life and work in Silicon Valley while exploring the beauty of San Francisco. The trip dates will be aligned directly with winners.





#beapirate challenge Moonshot Pirates global youth challenge



The 5-day program in Silicon Valley includes workshops, meeting startup founders, visiting companies like Meta, Apple, Amazon, Google exploring campuses of the Singularity University, and Stanford.⁣ You will get all the insights, explore the future of education, and discover the entrepreneurial mindset and moonshot thinking behind the area!

Watch this highlight video to join the previous #beapirate challenge winners on their journey to Silicon Valley.



#beapirate challenge for young changemakers








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