The Golden Circle


In several of our blog posts and webinars, Simon Sinek and his Golden Circle have been mentioned and praised, but what is this marvelous circle even? And what can you use it for? Let me explain!

The Golden Circle by Simon Sinek looks like this:

WHY: Your Purpose – why do you do it?

HOW: Your Process – how do you do it?

WHAT: Your Results – what do you do?

Most people know what they are doing. Some people know how they are doing it. But only a couple know why they are doing it. Those who know their why are those we think of as inspirational and as real leaders. They are in a much stronger position than those who only know their how or what because they are driven by and radiating their purpose. 

To give an example, let’s look at Moonshot Pirates. Our WHY is our belief that everyone needs to create their own path for life and unlock their full potential. Our HOW is teaching young minds the skills of an entrepreneur by giving them a Moonshot Mindset, making them aware of Exponential Technologies & Trends, and showing them how to Start Building What Matters. And finally, our WHAT is our events such as the Bootcamps and the #beapirate Challenge as well as our content in the form of the webinars and this blog. Because we have a clear picture of our WHY, we are able to continuously develop our concept, and surround ourselves with wonderful people who are ready to support our cause and have a positive impact. 

Knowing your WHY is extremely powerful. Think of someone you admire and trust deeply. Why do you do that? Because they are famous? Knowledgeable? Funny? Or because they have a clear picture of their values and are true to them? Our WHY is inspirational and motivating. Our WHAT is not. 

You can use the Golden Circle both for your personal and your professional projects.

If you use if for yourself, you might ask: 

  1. WHY: What is my life goal? What is my main passion and purpose? What motivates me?
  2. HOW: How may my path look for me to achieve it? How may I use my unique skills and qualities to reach my goal?
  3. WHAT: What can I do, learn, create to achieve it?

If you use it for your business idea, project or solution you might ask:

  1. WHY: Why should this idea/business/project be successful? What is its purpose?
  2. HOW: How is it different from other ideas/businesses/projects? What does its process look like?
  3. WHAT: What do you offer? What results does your it produce?

ALWAYS start with your WHY. It is your WHY that makes you a Pirate.

If you want to find your why, have a look on Simon Sinek’s website.

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