Setting a Goal for Changing the World: Massive Transformative Purpose


At Moonshot Pirates we encourage young people to think big, set themselves visionary goals, and work with others towards reaching them. Ideally, everyone and every company knows its WHY, i.e. what its purpose is. It not only creates a clearer structure for the individual or the company as a whole but is also highly inspiring and attractive for other people – team, users, customers, partners, and supporters,… The clearer and stronger your WHY is, the more inspiring and convincing you become. One way your WHY can take shape is in the form of a Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP).

The Massive Transformative Purpose is a grand-scale vision statement that:

  • is audaciously big and aspirational
  • can cause a significant transformation of a huge group of people – a community, an industry, or even the whole planet 
  • unites and inspires action in everyone involved

It is important that you phrase your MTP in a unique way that matches yourself or your company perfectly and that your MTP requires constant action to be reached. It shouldn’t be something you can reach in a matter of months, but something that might even take a whole lifetime to achieve. That’s how MASSIVE you need to think. 

To find your MTP, consider the following two questions:

  • WHO do you want to impact? Remember, your target group should be large. It could be something like the elderly, students, the unemployed, women, children, refugees, single mothers, etc.
  • WHAT problem do you want to take on? It must be something you are super passionate about and urges you to get active. Maybe let yourself be inspired by the 17 SDGs of the UN

With that in mind, find an inspirational tagline that describes your WHY. Peter Diamandis, the founder of Singularity University, describes the MTP as the following:

Find something you would die for, and live for it.

– Peter Diamandis

That is what each Moonshot Pirate should look for. 

📚 Book Recommendation

If you want to make your mark in this world, the book Bold by Peter Diamandis is your go-to source. It is a radical, how-to guide for using exponential technologies, moonshot thinking, and crowd-powered tools to create extraordinary wealth while also positively impacting the lives of billions. 

Bold is both a manifesto and a manual. It is today’s exponential entrepreneur’s go-to resource for the use of emerging technologies, thinking at scale, and the awesome impact of crowd-powered tools.

Examples of the Massive Transformative Purpose

Perhaps to make it a bit clear, here are some famous examples of MTPs from companies that definitely have transformed the world: 

  • Google: Organize the world’s information.
  • TED: Ideas worth spreading.
  • Tesla: Accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation.

And a bit closer to home, this is the MTP that Moonshot Pirates stands for: Make everyone a changemaker. Your MTP should be what motivates you to rise in the morning, what gives your life meaning, and what drives everything you do. 

Having an MTP is powerful in so many ways. Above all, It gives clarity, inspires, unites, enables global transformation, and promotes a positive impact. Just like with any other goal, it gives you your everyday and life direction. You will feel less lost and more motivated if you know what you are working towards. 

For more on this topic, check out our blog post about Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle where we explain more about the power of knowing your WHY.

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