If we want to achieve anything in life, we have to take the responsibility upon ourselves to start dreaming big, daring to learn and taking action. However, doing that can be a pain in the ass. It takes effort, you have to leave your comfort zone, and you must challenge yourself constantly. The only way to overcome this struggle for Rainer Zehetner, Digital Creator and external lecturer at IMC University Krems, is to rebel against yourself. Only then you can #beapirate.

We are the director of our own life.

Because although we might not get all the support we wish for and might be facing a lot of discouragement from our surroundings, we can still do a lot if we just believe in ourselves and decide to do our own thing. Making that decision can be really tough if we are lacking support, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible. We have to change our perspective though, for most of the time we listen to the critic in our head and come up with excuses that make us smaller and more helpless than we are. We do not see our own greatness – and it is this part of us that we need to rebel against. We have to learn to become our own biggest supporters, says Rainer, and we have to rebel against that side of us that holds us back and keeps us from shooting for (and actually reaching) the moon. If we do that, nothing can stop us from anything. 

For Rainer rebelling against yourself means:

  • Reconnecting with yourself through meditation, breathwork, and journaling. This will help you get comfortable with the uncomfortable and expand your self-knowledge. 
  • Staying curious and asking LOTS of questions about yourself and everything else. Nothing is ever final. 
  • Exploring even what scares you or makes you feel uncomfortable because every challenge holds an opportunity for personal growth. 
  • Changing your focus from CONTENT to CONTEXT. It is never about what you have or who you are. It is about how you approach what you have and who you are.

In order to really find your own personal path, you must first find yourself. This is something we don’t get taught in school but is a field of study we must take upon ourselves. At Moonshot Pirates we do what we can to create a community and atmosphere that supports such initiatives. To us, it is never about trying to know, do or be what others think, but about knowing what we want. And rebelling against yourself is one important way to achieve that. Only then you become your own leader and only then you can lead others. 

Just like me, Rainer thinks:

You are all rockstars and you will have a big impact in the world.

Rainer Zehetner

You just have to rebel against everything that disagrees, hijack the rules and be a pirate with all you’ve got!

To learn more about Rainer’s way to these insights and gain further tips on how to reconnect to yourself, watch his webinar below. 

About Rainer
Rainer loves to experience as much as he can and his greatest passion is to learn and grow. He grew up in the Lower Austrian countryside, where his life was filled with parties and soccer. He started his career as a travel agent and after he finished two degrees, he became General Manager of a big sports event. He supervised four ATP tournaments in Kitzbuhel in this role until he decided to quit his job, his apartment and he sold his car. He fulfilled his dream and traveled to Australia. Currently, he lives in Bali and teaches online for two universities. Moreover, he is in the process of creating his brand and business.

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