How Young Changemakers in Austria are Working on Innovative Solutions for the Future


What does collecting solar energy in space, a mobility app for carpooling, asteroid mining, and building houses from collected plastic trash all have in common? These solutions were all developed by our pirates at our two recent Bootcamps. 11 teams in total spent a weekend exploring global challenges, exponential technologies, and what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. Some amazing projects came out of their efforts, and we can’t wait to see how they’ll develop further in the future.

Not only we were impressed by the projects of our pirates; even NASA, who got introduced to one team working on asteroid mining and helped them with their project, was impressed and offered the team an internship in Brussels, so they could work on the project together. Well deserved! We’re super proud of them and of all the other teams as well.

Explore Innovative Solutions Developed by Young Changemakers

So what projects are young people able to develop in the course of only 3 days? Let’s have a look at the 11 Austrian teams and their ideas.


Earth has been exploited for too long for its resources. It’s time to turn our gaze on space and start mining asteroids in Earth’s orbit. By using the telescope being released soon, Asterise will pinpoint relevant astroids, send their robots there, and bring materials back home.

SDGs tackled: 8, 9, 13

Bomplastic Housing

Millions of people are in need of housing. And millions of tons of plastic are polluting nature. Bomplastic Housing helps people without a home collect plastic trash and gives them access to a machine for shredding it and pressing it into stable sheets to be used for housebuilding.

SDGs tackled: 1, 3, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15


Arguably the biggest challenge that is keeping our global community from understanding each other is the language barrier. Communify is an app that translates foreign languages to your native tongue and transmits it to your own headphones.

SDGs tackled: 1, 4, 8, 10


Ever had trouble finding a community where you felt a sense of belonging? Ever struggled with finding people sharing your interest and mindset? Communivent is a platform using AI to connect you with like-minded people and suggesting relevant events for you, so you can find your social home in this strange and confusing world.

SDGs tackled: 3, 4, 11, 17

Cue Music

The world is full of unknown artists and musicians who have so much to offer, but no way to be found. Cue Music wants to create a platform where musicians can produce and market their music for free. This would lower the inequality currently present in the music industry.

SDGs tackled: 12


The global population is increasing together with the need for more housing and more food. Millions of houses offer unused areas where plants and crops can be planted: roofs. Especially the roofs of supermarkets offer large areas that can be turned into gardens and greenhouses, which in turn would support local farming. Find out more about DÅCHMIAS here.

SDGs tackled: 3, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 17


Our school system is very outdated and old-school. The skills we need now and in the future are not taught, and students are struggling with seeing the value of education. I-Hope wants to change this by basing the school curriculum on individual interests and needs as well as practical life lessons that are useful in the real world too.

SDGs tackled: 4, 8, 9


The orbit of the Earth is full of space debris, and it won’t be long before the sky will be covered in litter, making it harder for satellites and rockets to launch. The solution is a I-Space Elevator that enables us to gather space debris to recycle it in a cheaper and more environmentally friendly way.

SDGs tackled: 9, 12


Our world is energy hungry! So far, oil and gas have provided us with most of our energy. But we need a sustainable source of energy. Collecting solar power in outer space and wirelessly transmitting it to Earth is how Lucis intends to bring about the sustainable revolution we need.

SDGs tackled: 7, 9, 11, 13, 17


Carsharing needs to be part of our future if we want to keep our cars. melón is an app that connects people who need to go the same way, so they can share the journey. Car-owners can offer seats, and people who need a lift can ask for seats, and all of this for free.

SDGs tackled: 11


Vending machines worldwide are offering snacks and drinks wrapped in plastic. A smarter solution would be to offer drinks in glass bottles and offer deposit machines where the bottles can be returned for a fraction of the money spent on them. That’s what No Pet is all about.

SDGs tackled: 11, 12, 13, 17.

Ticking Clock

Climate change is a ticking clock: sooner than we know, we’ll be in the middle of the consequences that climate change promises. Ticking Clock is a community platform that informs about concrete ways you can decrease your carbon footprint and motivate you to get started.

SDGs tackled: 13

Young people are cool!

How cool are these projects? And they were developed only within 3 days! Some of them are big, some are them are small, but all of them are important and will improve our future.

Young people understand the world, its challenges, and future solutions in unique ways, and it is more than impressive to see their innovative potential in action. Guys, you rock!

And so do our partners, who believe in the leaders of tomorrow and support them in shaping the future. Huge shout-out to ÖAMTC and Zukunftsakademie Mostviertel!

Does your organization want to tap into the incredible talent of young people out there? Reach out to us for partnership and collaboration opportunities today!

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