Future of Drones: Cool Uses & Impact


Drones began their life in the military where they were used for dangerous missions to keep humans out of harm’s way. They are still used for such purposes, but their popularity has grown and now you find these flying robots everywhere. Companies like Amazon are developing drone delivering systems, farmers are using drones to plant crops and manage fields, and police officers are using drones to monitor traffic and for search & rescue operations. Also among civilians drones are gaining popularity, with photography and content production being the main reasons for buying one.

5 Cool Uses of Drones

Drones are becoming ever lighter, cheaper, and more powerful. Already, they are being used in different areas for different purposes. Here are five cool examples:

  1. Go Unreachable Places: Because of their lightweight, small size, and mechanical body, drones are able to visit places sealed off for humans. Deep caves, hot volcanoes, oxygen-poor regions – drones can go places we can’t and assist us in exploring more of our world.
  2. Work Non-Stop: One big issue during search & rescue missions is the lack of people able to help and the failing stamina of those who have the ability to help. Drones can offer a lot of support here and help save many more lives than humans ever will.
  3. Save Animal Lives: Too many species are on the brink of extinction due to poaching and illegal hunting. Drones can help keep an eye on endangered animals and catch culprits.
  4. Transport Us & Our Stuff: In South Korea, taxi drones are currently being tested as the flying cars we have been waiting for. In the meantime, Amazon is rolling out a drone delivery system that will make deliveries cheaper and faster.
  5. WOW-Experiences: Drones can carry lights, beam down image projections, and record videos from the craziest angles. Like any other robot, drones are also toys to be played around and #doepicshit with.

Many more examples could be mentioned, from journalistic research and weather forecasting to connectivity and space transport. Drones are applicable in so many areas.

The Impact of Drones

Drones will have an impact on many areas of our lives and of business. They are part of the robot revolution already now leaving its mark on our world. Jobs will be lost as a result of drones, but new jobs will also appear.

  • Drones will take over delivery service jobs
  • Drones will take over taxi driver and pilot jobs
  • Drones will take over certain military jobs
  • Drones will take over firefighter and rescue jobs

These jobs have two things in common, though: They are dangerous and they are dull. Although people currently in those jobs will need to adapt and reinvent themselves, a lot of new opportunities will appear as a consequence of drones:

  1. goods and services will become cheaper once drones are doing the work instead of humans, who require sleep, salaries, and maternity leave. More people will have access to more goods and services than ever before, raising the living standard of all.
  2. the environment will benefit as drones are powered by electricity, which can come from green sources, thus making them a lot more environmentally friendly than delivery trucks, etc.
  3. time will be freed up if a network of drones is transporting us and our staff at a faster and more efficient pace than ever before. We will have more time for our friends, families, and interests.
  4. employees currently doing those dangerous and dull tasks can start doing more intelligent, creative, humanistic work. How many people quit their dream of becoming creative because it was frowned upon? If drones free up our time, we will have more time to consume creative content, and so we will need more artists in the future.

Drones Are the Eyes & Ears of Tomorrow

Of course, issues such as surveillance, safety, and privacy need to be dealt with before drones get rolled out large-scale. Like any other tool, they can be abused, so proper safety measures need to be in place before they roam our skies.

But once that’s taken care of, drones can become an extension of our senses, helping us explore and experience our world more fully. Imagine having a drone flying around at your wedding celebration recording every second of that special day. Imagine exploring your city from the rooftops. And imagine being able to see the night sky from above the radiance of light pollution.

Drones began their life in the military, but they have come a long way since then and have the potential to go even further. Might drones become the new method of transportation of pirates? It is entirely possible. Only time will tell.

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