How to Thrive in Uncertain Times


When you read or watch the news, it is difficult not to feel overwhelmed by the indefinite amount of disruptive and violent events happening all over the world. Everything seems to be going south: the climate, the economy, and societies. There is not only war, there is uncertainty everywhere, in small and in big things. In the world, and in local communities. It seems to be hard to thrive in uncertain times, but it doesn’t have to be.

At Moonshot Pirates, we have mentors who have experience in how to deal with uncertainty and mental challenges. One of them is Candice Knight, an author, speaker, and teacher, recognized for her ability to ignite transformation through the power of words. With a wealth of experience as an Emotional Resilience Expert, she stands as a guiding force for those seeking positive change.

In a recent Moonshot Pirates workshop, she shared her “4 Cs” that can help you not only to cope with uncertainty but to find your inner drive again.

1. Comparison

When you think about your personal issues, the term “first-world problems” might come to your mind. It is a result of you comparing yourself to others, and feeling guilty about pondering over questions, others might not have the privilege to think about.

Don’t feel guilty for the experiences you got to have. Know your privileges and understand that this is your reality. You don’t have to suffer with everyone else. Everyone has their own stories, that have caused heartache and pain. You got to live yours.

Use comparison in a good way through finding a suffering mentor. This is what Candice did after she experienced a tragic car accident when she was 14. Both her grandmother and brother died. If they wouldn’t have been in the car, she would have sat on their seats and would have died. The young Candice compared herself with Nelson Mandela, who was in prison back then, and told herself that he had suffered much more. He was a suffering mentor for her.

Find a mentor to look for inspiration. Suffering is an experience for all. When times are really tough, you just survive and go forward. Remember that, no matter where you are from, you are a descendant of survivors.

2. Control

Most of our suffering comes from wanting to control things we cannot control. Realize that you have so little control. The only control you have is how you respond to something. Having gone through trauma, you cannot just brush it off. Have compassion for yourself. Sometimes you cannot control yourself and you still need time to recover from what you have been through.

Let go of the things you cannot control. Surrender, and take stock of the things you can do. Looking back on your trauma, accept what has happened. You cannot change what’s over. Stop looking for an apology from someone you might never receive. Accept and come back to the moment. When your heart and mind is racing, catch yourself, take three deep breaths and come back to the now. Because, now, everything is ok.

To help you calm your thoughts, Candice has created a 7-day meditation series. Listen in here.

3. Choice

After the loss of two loved ones, Candice kept on going, no matter what. She climbed her personal mountain until she didn’t know how to go further. That’s when she fell, coming crashing down, full of hopelessness and sorrow. What helped her through these darkest days was gratitude.

When you think there’s nothing good, you are lying. The fact that your heart is beating and you are breathing means that you still have a reason to be here. Remember that you are your number one. Only when you take care of yourself, you can take care of others. Your cup needs to be full so you can share with others. Make the choice to take care of yourself first.

The Power of a Hug

Do you have a person you can hug? Go hug them! And hug yourself! Hug as many people as you can and tell them how grateful you are for them. When you hug them, you heal yourself. When you hug them, you heal them as well.

How to Thrive in Uncertain Times - the power of a hug

Make a conscious choice of what you let into your world. Negative news? Gossip? Complaints? Or uplifting people and positive news? Always remember that whatever you choose to fill your mind with is going to fill your world.

4. Compassion

Remember that “I am you and you are me.” Everyone has their own truth. Come back to you and approach others with love. There is far more good in the world than bad. The bad is just being amplified by the media. Keep your faith and hope. Speak to people and really listen.

“I am you and you are me.” Every act is either an act of love or a call for love. Every act. Even if you hate someone, send them love. Whatever you judge in other people, may be something you think you lack.

Sometimes you might hear people trauma bond… But in general, I don’t think that’s what the majority of people want. I think people want to be heard, they want to be seen, validated, acknowledged, and basically just cared for in their time of need.

Candice Knight

Keep Having Faith

Sometimes, all you can do is just take one day at a time. Keep having faith. You were born with a special magic inside, with a purpose. Reading this means that you care. When you feel overwhelmed, it means that you care. Only when you care, you can create a real impact. Just keep being you. The best way is to take care of yourself so this can spill over. If you want to learn more about how youth is actively contributing to a better tomorrow, read on here.

And remember the 4 Cs:

  • Don’t compare your problems with others.
  • Realize what you have control of.
  • Make choices that suit you best.
  • Have compassion, first and foremost for yourself.

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