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Gen Z and the Future of Work: Beyond the Paycheck


There’s a tectonic transformation reshaping our workplaces worldwide. Gen Z, the driving force behind this change, is not just pursuing individual goals and aspirations. They’re also deeply engrossed in addressing broader global challenges. Insights from a captivating survey with the Moonshot Pirates community—comprising young, enthusiastic leaders and innovators—offer a fresh perspective on what influences Gen Z’s employment decisions.

Career Growth: A New Age Perspective

Do you think age defines capability? Gen Z doesn’t. Seventeen-year-old Angelmay Beck from the USA underscores:

Age doesn’t necessarily mean unfit for the job. Our generation has access to so many resources online to become educated and knowledgeable in various areas, and if we restrict the next upcoming generation simply because of their age, they won’t have the opportunity to grow even further and delay the chance at hands-on experience from experts in the field.”

Angelmay Beck, 17, USA

An impressive number of survey participants emphasized the lure of career advancement, hinting at the critical role professional evolution plays in their employment choices.

Work-life Balance: A Non-Negotiable

For Gen Z, balance isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. Isn’t it fascinating how this generation expects, rather than merely wishes for, a harmonious work-life rhythm? As one participant passionately declared, “Life comes first in our playbook. Disrupt me at home? This is a potential deal-breaker.”

Sustainability: More Than Just Office Decor

When we talk about going green, it isn’t about the paint on the walls. Overwhelmingly, Gen Z-ers flag organizational sustainability practices as ‘paramount.’ Echoing this sentiment, fifteen-year-old Disheta from India remarks, “In light of tumultuous events, it’s evident that our generation values sustainability. The world continues to face high levels of warming, making it imperative that sustainability is at the core of company values.

Diversity: A Spectrum of Views

Is diversity a checkbox or a genuine commitment? Gen Z’s response offers mixed hues. While many see it as pivotal, it doesn’t always make or break the deal. Yet, a certain segment unequivocally prioritizes it during job selection, signaling a tilt towards genuinely inclusive workspaces.

Employee Voice: Echoing Loud and Clear

Do our opinions matter? The resounding answer from the survey was an enthusiastic “Absolutely!” Gen Z craves workspaces where their voices aren’t just heard but actively sought and valued.

Salary vs. Principles: The Eternal Dilemma

What if the paycheck isn’t the biggest draw? Many hinted at a readiness to compromise on wages if organizational values mirrored their own. Thus, the equation isn’t simply about the digits on the pay slip—it encompasses ethos, culture, and organizational impact.

Companies Admired for Their Culture

Kudos to giants like Lego, SalesForce, and Google for championing flexibility and nurturing creativity! However, many Gen Z-ers also while others praised smaller companies for valuing them as more than just “an easily replaceable worker.” One respondent cheekily said they admired Moonshot Pirates for its positive environment and relatability to young leaders. Thanks, pirate! 😉

What truly matters to Gen Z?

Gen Z is shaping the future of work in profound ways. It’s not just about the paycheck anymore. It’s about growth, balance, sustainability, and inclusivity. Companies need to understand and adapt to these shifting paradigms. Heading Ivano Perić from Croatia:

Gen Z appreciates open communication and transparency from companies. Being honest and inclusive in company policies and decision-making can help foster a positive relationship with younger employees.

Ivano Perić , 16, Croatia

Gen Z is in the house! And they’re bringing moonshot thinking into workplaces.

The big question is, are companies ready to evolve and meet these rising expectations?


  1. Who are Gen Z?
    • Gen Z refers to the generation born between 1997 and 2012. They’re known for their tech-savviness, progressive views, and desire for change. Want to understand Gen Z
  2. What is the Moonshot Pirates community?
    • Moonshot Pirates is a global community of young innovators, leaders, and change-makers aiming to create impactful solutions for global challenges.
  3. Why is sustainability important to Gen Z?
    • This generation has grown up witnessing the adverse effects of climate change and environmental degradation. Their future depends on sustainable solutions. Check out Deloitte’s Gen Z and Millennial Survey if you want to learn more about this topic.
  4. Do all Gen Z-ers prioritize diversity in the workplace?
    • While many do, it varies. However, there’s a noticeable tilt towards genuine inclusivity and diversity.
  5. Is salary the most critical factor for Gen Z when choosing a job?
    • Not always. Many prioritize values, culture, and organizational impact over the paycheck alone.

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