8 Young Entrepreneurs to Get an Inspiration From in 2022


The year 2022 has started with a speed of light. Reflecting on the experiences from last year, we all hope that this year will bring us hope and many exciting opportunities. Talking about new things on the horizon, we are excited to bring you 8 inspiring young entrepreneurs that you should follow in 2022. Here are the young minds that were not scared to step out of the crowd and stand out with their ideas. Are you also not afraid to #takeaction and contribute to a better tomorrow? Then join the #beapirate challenge 2022 NOW! In this challenge, you will find an amazing, international team and work on an idea that solves the world’s biggest problems! Don’t be afraid to take action.

David Aguilar Amphoux- Creator of LEGO Prosthetic Arms

David, known as well as Mr. Hand Solo, was born with Poland syndrome that affected the development of his right arm. When he got his first LEGO set at age 9, he was inspired to build his first prosthetics. Now, aged 22, this inspiring entrepreneur already built 4 MK Lego prosthetics and won several awards. David openly talks about being different and promotes a fair and respectful environment for people with “difabilities”. “Difabeled” is a term that describes people with differences rather than using the term disabled.

Get inspired by David and his differences here.

Mikaila Ulmer- Founder of Me and the Bees Lemonade Brand

Mikaila Ulmer is a 17 years old entrepreneur of Afro-American origin with an unstoppable hands-on spirit. From a very young age, Mikaela started selling a lemonade inspired by her grandma’s recipe in front of her family house. The lemonade consisted of fresh ingredients including local beekeepers’ honey. The sale of the lemonade was so successful that a local pizza shop has noticed the inspiring entrepreneur and her lemonade and offered to supply the shop with it. This was the beginning of the bottling of Mikaela’s product. Currently, her “Me & The Bees Lemonade” is being sold in 1500 shops nationwide. Since the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey, Mikaela has donated 10% of her profit to charities that are focusing on saving the bees.

Get inspired by Mikaela and her unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit here.

Boyan Slat- CEO of the Ocean Cleanup

Boyan is a Dutch inventor and inspiring entrepreneur focusing on technological solutions to global problems. He was 16 years old when he noticed that the ocean is full of plastic while diving. This discovery triggered in him the need to focus on the topic of pollution and littering. This was the start of the passive plastic catchment system idea. The project was discussed at the TedX talk in Delft. One year later, Boyan founded The Ocean Cleanup, an organization that focuses on advanced technologies for getting rid of plastic from the ocean.

Get inspired by Boyan and his Ocean Cleanup project here.

Karolina Farska- Anti-Corruption Activist

Karolina is a young anti-corruption activist and a co-founder of the movement ‘For Decent Slovakia’. It is the largest civil movement in the modern history of the country. The movement was formed after the murder of the Slovak investigative journalist when 17 years old Karolina stepped out of the crowd to fight for real democracy and justice in Slovakia. The inspiring entrepreneur is still active and regularly contributes with her articles to the Slovak print media.

Get inspired by Karolina and her passion for justice and fairness here.

Rayouf Alhumedhi- Founder of the Hijab Emoji Project

Rayouf was a 16-year-old Saudi girl living in Austria when she realized that her identity is not represented amongst emojis. She took a chance in her hands and contacted Apple and Google to include an emoji that would represent Muslim women. Soon after, ‘a hijabi’ 🧕🏽, an emoji of a Muslim woman wearing a hijab was created. The inspiring entrepreneur currently interests herself in the creative space and technology and sees a hijabi as a push for digital representation for millions of Muslim women around the world.

Get inspired by Rayouf and her views on identity representation here.

Haile Thomas-Health Advocate, CEO of Happy

Haile is currently 22 years old health advocate, vegan chef, motivational speaker, and much more. In 2012, Haile established a HAPPY organization which stands for Healthy-Active-Positive-Purposeful-Youth. The purpose of the organization is to educate and inspire young people and families to live and cook healthy. This inspiring entrepreneur offers basic nutrition education, engaging physical activity plans, and cooking classes for plant-based recipes. Haile is as well a junior chef advisor for Hyatt Hotels For Kids by Kids menu and a contributing writer for several magazines.

Get inspired by Haile and her healthy living here.

Maya Penn- CEO of Maya’s Ideas

Maya was an 8-year-old girl when she had a vision of creating a sustainable fashion brand. Maya used old clothing that she found at home to create scarves and headbands. As a 10-year-old, Maya learned HTML and created her first website to sell her fashion items. Currently, her brand, Maya’s Ideas, has several employees and many customers around the globe. Over the years, the young inspiring entrepreneur launched an organization Maya’s Ideas 4 the Planet that focuses on distributing eco-friendly sanitary products for women from developing countries. In addition to her sustainable business, Maya was a speaker at several TED Talks, wrote a couple of books, and launched an animation studio.

Get inspired by Maya and her sustainable brand here.

Noa Mintz- Founder of Nannies by Noa

Noa was 12 years old when she founded her nanny agency Nannies by Noa. From a very young age, Noa was creative in finding the fun-to-be around nannies for herself and her friends and family. The passion later turned into a business when the inspiring entrepreneur built her own website and started to match the nannies with the right families across the city. Noa won the Next Gen Humanitarian Award and her entrepreneurial journey was covered in the top print media such as Forbes, Time, Teen Vogue, and many more. Noa made it on the list of Fortune’s 18 Under 18 Innovators Who Are Changing the World and 20 Under 20 by Crain’s New York Business. Noa is as well on the board of a mentoring program called The Friendship Circle which pairs teens with special needs children

Get inspired by Noa and her passion for nanny matching here.

Young Entrepreneurs. Join us!

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