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We chose to research the problem of poverty, as we found that a large number of people suffer from this problem and it threatens their lives; these figures are rising. In addition, poverty is closely related to many other problems; such as: lack of jobs, lack of education, wars, climate change, social injustice, lack of infrastructure, water and food problems, lack of health care, environmental problems, pollution. It is important to remember that more than 3.1 million children die from malnutrition. So we started solving environmental problems such as desertification, drought, floods, earthquakes and hurricanes. After that we will be able to start solving the rest of the causes of poverty And we thought about the possibility of using technology to solve these problems, and we found that the use of: artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, robotics with more technologies, will make a significant contribution to solving this problem. Some of the technological solutions we will use : -Nanotechnology -robots -digital devices -Online learning Details in the files

Crew members

Kareem Waleed Hosny
Reham Ali Husin
Omnia Tarek Abdelghany
Yousef Mohamed Gomaa
Rahma Anwar Basheer
Mohamed Hany Saifelnasr