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Our project is all about caring and sharing. The first goal is to help everyone who needs affordable and good-quality medical services, and the second is to help healthcare workers. Despite the fact that trillions are being spent on medicine, it is shocking that half of the global population cannot access essential medical services. This invention that we want to implement, will contain two parts. The first one is a device, which is not portable, it's a projector. It will display the hologram of a person using AR, and it will create the perfect connection between the doctor and the patient, so the patient will only need to go to the hospital if the surgery or any emergency situation is necessary. Another gadget is a portable smartwatch, which will be used as an oxygen, pulse, blood, pressure, and glucose sensor and a collector of data about a person's health condition. In addition, the smartwatch will have built-in GPS so that when an accident happens, it will automatically call an ambulance. You can learn more about our project in the attached document.

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Project description | WizardsHologram prototype | Wizards

Crew members

Batirbek Sultamuratov
Shakhzodbek Charshamov