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Treeson is a platform where anyone can share their idea on ways to save our planet. This platform includes a website, app, Facebook page, and an Instagram account. It can be done through videos, ARTicles, and more. Treeson can be used by local schools as medium to let students share their ideas on resolving issues we face due to environmental conundrums. Student can post their ARTicles, Videos and More.Treeson can help people by finding ways to combat climate change. Lessening the effects of human related activities that are damaging our environment. People can use this as a medium of brainstorming, finding answer, and collaborating. Joining the movement of fighting for our Planet. This helps everyone by finding ways to protect our environment through Treeson

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Ronald Gabriel DC. Teng
Justine Mikaela Posadas
Dajana Rakar
Sofija Blagojevic