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Streamlike is an innovative approach to cut down and control the overuse of water during the Hand-washing Process. We will be working on to build up a water saving faucet system using artificial intelligence, sensors and hardware stuff as well as creating easy access to this efficient and nature friendly Hand-washing Experience to the people regardless of age, gender, social status and region. We will develop an environment friendly, water saving faucet system. The main idea of such a faucet is to minimize the overuse of water during washing hands with soap. By making this smart faucet, we will be able to contribute UN SDG 6 goal which aims to achieve reducing water waste, and accessible water for all via increasing recycling, and safe reuse globally. There will be a sensor at the end of the faucet that is trained to detect streamlined flows based on the fluid dynamics of AI. By Minimizing the speed of the tap, using automatic taps, and using taps operated by legs might be an effective solution to reduce the water overuse. Carefully designed smart sinks could help conserve water via regulating usage and nudging users to develop more water-conscious habits.

Crew members

Md Jahirul Islam
Nuray Karimli
Abdullah Al Muhaimen
Aysu Ahmad
Aldrich Alvarez
Fahmida Rahman