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Now the problem of HIV is very acute. A huge number face discrimination because of their HIV status on a daily basis. However, we are living in 2021. It's time to make a change. Our team wants to achieve 5 things: First, by improving the quality of education, we want to ensure that more people will know about how the disease is tolerated. This should lead to a reduction in the number of infected. Second, we want infected people to get the necessary treatment for free. Thirdly, we want to simplify the process of getting tested. Fourthly, we believe it is vital to get rid of misconceptions. Lastly, we want to eliminate the discrimination against HIV-positive people. There are many things to do, but, luckily, we know how to do them. We want to start off by creating content with relevant information and gain audience on social networks. Then, we would interview experts, and come up with a petition project. Our audience will supports us, thus, the states will understand the importance of quality education, add Sex education to school programs, create an international standard of medicaments, make testing more available.

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