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Revive is a technological solution for Asian region, which works as a platform to connect, shop, eat, earn more, and donate. We aim to minimize waste of any kind, support local communities, and connect small and local businesses, including farmers, with individuals through our cloud mart. The suppliers will send the products to our cloud mart which include surplus groceries, nearly-expired food, imperfect agricultural products, and second hand items.

Revive can help:
Encouraging a sustainable consumption cycle by dealing with fast fashion and food waste
Promoting sustained economic growth by providing earning opportunities for local farmers, vendors, and drivers
Reducing the carbon footprint by decreasing the frequency of transportation through the concept of cloudmart
Simplifying the donation process, which decreasing social disparity

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Suwapat Kongchan
Surapa Kongchan
Maithai Udomlertsakul
Eddie Rose
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