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Our idea is mainly based on taking the advantage of and exploiting water pollution to get phosphate and nitrate out of it, these chemicals are dangerous when in the water, as they make the species living in water endanger, and the people who use this water in danger from diseases as well. So the idea of our project was to make good use of polluted water while purifying it too. We are going to use special filters to filter these chemicals (the phosphate and the nitrate) out of the polluted water. The filters will be taken by drones to a storage place where the filters are going to be stored and used later. The chemicals in the filters can then be used to make fertilizers, and can also be used in medical treatment, such as in treating people with heart diseases. Water will be purified using a process called photocatalysis, this process uses solar power to purify the water, and we used TiO2 as a catalyst. The purified water can be used in agriculture or can be used for human regular uses. Our prototype is going to be a rectangular shape, made of wood, and supported with solar panels to charge the drone and also move the doors that will open when the filtration process is finished.

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