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Luminous Teen is the first ever digital teenager freelancing (self-paced) marketplace platform intended to popularise Teen Employment. It also offers Paid Internship Opportunity periodically for teenagers to work on innovative product development. This Social Enterprise aims at building a new ecosystem to introduce teenagers to Corporate Environment and Self-discovery. Luminous Teen addresses the vulnerable condition of teenagers and the heinous propagation of Child Labour. Lack of financial independence and exclusion from decision-making give rise to mental health hazards, bullying, abuses and discrimination. The socio-economic and geopolitical condition of the developing countries make teenagers prone to household violence and future employment crisis. According to Jason Smith, a London-based career counselor, "... a certain degree of financial independence and the knock-on effects for confidence and maturity of outlook are significant" for a teenager. Luminous Teen will initiate its signature 'Personalised Support System' involving human referees & Artificial Intelligence, along with providing necessary consultation and training opportunity for skill development and well-being.

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Md. Jahirul Islam
Md. Raheeb Sadman
Nasif Iqbal
Tanannum Azad Arufa
Sabit Ibtisham Anan
Nasera Khanam