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GreenTech is an echo-village where people will have modern technology in their life without hurting the environment and they will work in many basic fields in the village such as : 1-Agriculture and farming to suffice the needs of food to the people in echo-village and to sell crops outside the village So that we earn income for the village. 2-Water desalination : To provide the village with water resources , because there is a water shortage . 3-Generating renewable energy : In the echo-village people will use modern technology (in work field and in their homes) depending on renewable sources of energy not to hurt the environment The goal of Greentech is providing a decent life and work for the people who live in it , spreading awareness about the environment problems , contributing of the villagers together to solve the environment problems. It is a first step to save the environment , if the idea reached many places and applied in more than one country , it will be a great begaining to a Green Earth .

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Salma Mohamed Ahmed Abd El-Latif
Mariam Ahmed Medhat
Mohanad Alhindy
Ahmed Ayman Mohamed Gadallah