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Hunger disclosure is an online platform where we aim to educate the public on topics relating to food and food policy. Not only educating but also implementing meal plans and preps in homes in hopes of bringing an end to food waste. Detailed explanation of the idea: We are in process of create an app, as the user of the app after download it, will input of your information -your name, email, the amount of people in your household, your eating habits, how much do you already spend on groceries and if you have an specifications we should know about like allergies, religious restrictions. After 3-5 working days you will receive meals for a whole month which are nutritious and have variety. Each recipe will have to come with how to prep that meal in advance. When you do your shopping we will also advise you on how to package certain foods so they can last longer. If you opt for the premium option you will have the added feature of having a virtual assistant who will do your shopping for you and especially those weekly/biweekly fruit and veggie runs. A proportion of our revenue will go back to NGOs we would have partnered up with that are also fighting global hunger in a different way

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