Electric Orange (Anaerobic Energy)

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The essence of the idea: The idea of our project is to get a source of energy from the digestion of any organic compound with anaerobic bacteria in a process called (Anaerobic Digestion). Components of the project: The organic compound could be that water that came from farming the potatoes with some molas that could be a by-product from sugar cane factories .This water must be at a specific temperature and the PH of the water must be between 6.8 to 7.2. Products of the project: After the bacteria digest the COD which is Chemical Oxygen Demand in the water it emits biogas that contains from 75% to 85% methane gas and 15% to 25% carbon dioxide and part of the water that used become good to use in agriculture. Environment Protection: As we know that methane gas and carbon dioxide gas have a bad effect on the environment so, after the process that happen in our solution, the biogas pass through a process called (Methane Steam Reformation). This process aims to make a reaction between methane gas and steam under a bid temperature. This will produce carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas with a formula : CH4 + H2O with Ni as a catalyst -------> Co + 3H2

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