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An Eggcubator is an eggstra smart incubator. It helps with the process of incubation but without manual control, it regulates all the conditions required for incubation automatically. We will be placing the eggcubators in the habitat of these endangered birds. All you have to do is to collect the eggs of these birds and then the incubation process can begin. The eggcubator has sensors, software programs and high quality cameras which are used to gather important data on the different stages of incubation. When these birds hatch, they have to feed, so the eggcubator has a feeding system in place, and this system is triggered by the help of a software program. After some time in the eggcubator they have to be released into their habitat and this is also done with the help of software programs in the eggcubator. High quality cameras also scans the environment and gives data concerning predators around the area. The eggcubators uses different renewable energy sources since different birds live in different habitats.

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