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Our idea is to make an app, a space for self-love, venting and healthy emotional support. A safe place to express yourself. The app will ideally consist of 4 main areas, not counting our profile. 1- A feed where you can tell how you feel. Everything will be 100% anonymous. The collection of your posts will only be visible to you, on your profile. 2- A place for self-love and self-care. We can show self-love in different ways through small actions, even taking care of our environment is one of them, this space will have weekly tasks. 3- Conversation robot. This robot called Dessa will accompany us emotionally, it should be noted that it will NOT be the same as going to a specialist. It will help us to see the good side of things, it will use a language easy to understand for any type of user. Along with the reminder to talk, our robot will send you a phrase to help you motivate yourself. 4-Care for your environment. The aim of this section is to make your home or even your room more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Here you can inform yourself and at the same time, by putting it into practice, you will be doing your bit for the world.

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