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Play it Forward Day


Giving back is at the core of what we do at Moonshot Pirates. Every mentor who is part of our programs, every organizer who is organizing events and everyone from the team do what they do because they want to play it forward to the next generation. Giving back not only gives you a sense of purpose, but also improves your health, helps you grow, gives you perspective and is just simply awesome.

Moonshot Pirates would not be possible if we wouldn’t receive so much support from so many passionate people who share our vision. We are beyond grateful for their support and immensely inspired, so we have decided in our team to play it forward as well. So on the 23rd of April, the whole Moonshot Pirates team will spend a day helping people who need it. If you need help with anything – big or small – send us an email at  or a message via our social media channels! We will select tasks based on the principle of first-come-first-served.

What it means to Play It Forward

The term “pay it forward” describes the deed of repaying an act of kindness not to the person who was kind to you, but to someone else who needs some kindness. You can picture it as a chain reaction with one act of kindness moving from one person to the next. Maybe you have experienced it yourself: Someone did something nice to you, which gave you energy to do something nice to somebody else.

“Play it forward” works in a similar way, but it adds an element of fun to it. Our Moonshot Pirates Bootcamps are based on this principle. We organize them for free with the intention of creating an amazing and fun experience for young talents – and let me tell you, we have so much fun organizing and hosting them. It’s an absolute pleasure. In our privileged position of being adults, we feel a strong sense of responsibility to do what we can for the next generation. That’s what Play It Forward is all about.

Society needs more people who help each other and contribute. Imagine if big companies with thousands of employees spent one day every year helping out people in need. Imagine if schools did the same as well as governments officers. It would create a whole new sense of connection and compassion in our societies.

Moonshot Pirates

Do you have anything you need help with? A room that needs painting, a text that needs translating, a garden that needs love, a social media channel that needs content? The whole Moonshot Pirates team is happy to lend you our hands, hearts and heads for a day and take care of whatever task you need help with as long as neither we nor anybody else gets hurt. Let us know what you need before Friday 23rd April and with a little luck, some kick-ass pirate power is coming your way.

Either to write to:  or reach out to us via our social media channels. We will collect all the tasks and try to do as many as possible on April 23rd. Both online as well as offline tasks are welcome.

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