Meet the #beapirate challenge 2022 Winners

What a journey! A whole month of epic sh*t has passed and 72 cool projects have been developed as a result. So many mentors have been blown away by your solutions, pirates. No matter if you made it to the finals or not, know that you’ve made a huge difference already and contributed positively to the world: Together, we have moved one step closer to solving the global challenges we’re facing. We are super inspired by all participants, and we would have loved to take everyone to Silicon Valley, but let’s take a closer look on who won the challenge…

And the winners are …

Winners of the #beapirate challenge 22: LOOP

A huge round of applause for team LOOP! The two young changemakers – Zara Pehlivani and Emilio Bazan did an amazing job developing and pitching their idea. Over 50 million people worldwide have epilepsy, and most of them can’t afford treatment (which is usually ineffective, anyway). LOOP is working towards a wristband that detects incoming seizures through compounds in sweat, and alerts the user in advance, so they can use our handheld ultrasound device, which stops focal seizures in real-time. Both are customizable and kid-friendly and reduce costs by over tenfold.

‘A world with Loop is a world without epileptic seizures’

Loop AI was founded on the vision of maximizing the potential of the human brain. With Loop, we are not just solving the problem of epileptic seizures – we are creating the unified platform for brain treatment, recovery, and augmentation. At Loop, we are dedicated to accelerating humanity’s ability to recover, learn, and adapt through neural coprocessors.

Winners of the #beapirate challenge 22: LOOP

Interested? Watch their pitch video here:

If you want to watch their live pitch and learn more about the other finalists, click here to see the recording of the official Pitch Night.

These two changemakers will join the Moonshot Pirates team on an unforgettable trip to Silicon Valley next year where they will visit companies such as Meta, Pinterest, Google, and Apple, and the campuses of Standford University and more.

Looking Ahead

Every setback is a chance to grow and to catapult oneself into the future. Even though some of you didn’t win the #beapirate challenge, you hopefully learned a lot, had tons of fun, and made many new friends. Life is a journey, a playground, an adventure. Be proud of yourself for coming so far and don’t stop working on your amazing ideas towards a better world!

How to do that? The challenge might be over, but you’re now part of a global community of pirates and young changemakers. That means you can:

  • Reach Out to Mentors: To continue working on your project and if you still need some guidance – contact our network of mentors. They are here for you! Just reach out to them via the platform if you need additional support.
  • Participate in events: We organize many online events, workshops, chats, and programs that you can join to learn, grow yourself and have fun. All of it can be found on our platform. You can also reach out to us if you want to be part of an event – moderate a Pirates Talk or host a CULTURALL event.
  • Continue journeying with us: A community only exists through its members, and we’re grateful for each and every one of you to be part of our global movement of future-oriented talents and young changemakers.

Never stop rocking, Pirates! You did amazingly well and we can’t wait to see what happens next with you and with your ideas.

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