How to Change the Outcomes in Your Life

There are times when we are just not satisfied with how our lives look. We just don’t understand why we keep getting those same undesired outcomes. To change these, we have to change a few other, deeper things before.

This formula shows it precisely:

Outcome 👉 Creation 👉Expectation 👉 Thinking 👉 Input

You get in life, what you create

Let’s go through it: Your creative process is driven by what you expect. Expect more, create more. You expect what your mind is thinking about. I bet you have experienced the phenomenon that when you want to buy a particular phone, for example, you suddenly see this phone everywhere. It’s because your mind now thinks this phone is important and therefore pays more attention to see it.

You think about what you feed your mind with: the input. Now that is the interesting part because this is totally in your control. You see, our mind is like an open container. It holds whatever you put into it, using your eyes and ears as channels. Our world is full of distractions, gossip, and awful things that are mostly spread through news and media. Those are all things that you cannot do anything about (directly). But they fill your container-mind with dirty, murky water.

How to have an optimistic outlook

So what can we do about it? The answer is quite simple: We have to intentionally flush our minds with clear, clean water. This water is positive and encouraging ideas that inspire us and show us all the great possibilities in this world.

Here are some tips on where to get that input:

1.   Read motivational books, for example about self-development or inspiring biographies. You can find some inspiration here.

2.   Watch or listen to motivational talks and interviews, where you either learn something new or get motivated to make an impact.

3.   Surround yourself with like-minded, positive people that encourage you in your goals and let you stretch. One good place to find such people is the Moonshot Pirates Community.

The most important thing is that we swamp ourselves with these thoughts consistently, otherwise the negative inputs will crawl back in sooner than you expect.

Now, let’s come back to our formula once more, this time with our positive inputs in mind:

If your mind is constantly receiving positive input, your thinking is going to be significantly more positive. This means that you will expect and seek out and expect the positive in the world. What you contribute and what you will create will therefore be more positive too. And voilà: You get the outcome that you wish for. 

Input 👉 Thinking 👉 Expectation 👉 Creation 👉 Outcome

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