Zero wasted energy

SDG 07
3D Printing & Digital Fabrication

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Harvest wasted energy from human activities as source of energy and convert that into another form of energy or another use at a personal scale. Putting a gearbox in sole of shoes. When pressure is applied, gears are going to move converting kinetic energy to mechanical energy. gears are connected to generator which will convert mechanical energy to electricity, then electricity is going to be stored in a rechargeable battery. This energy can be used in operating home appliances as remotes and clocks .our design requirement is efficiency. Safety: Electricity is stored in a battery, and the device will be made from the outside with an electrically insulating material that will not cause any harm . The second part of the project is about a coil and is wrapped around magnet and put that on the bicycle, so when we start to move Paddles the magnet will turn on around the coil then mechanical energy will turn into electricity. the last part is bracelet that is going to convert kinetic energy to electricity by electromagnetic hybrid. This is going to achieve the seventh goal of the sdgs which is clean and affordable energy.

Crew members

Nadeen Mostafa
Shahd Salama