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We believe that volunteer work is something that should be fun and be done out of a conviction. But not everyone likes the existing volunteering vacancies that traditional NGOs can offer. On the other hand, purely donating money is a mostly impersonal and unsatisfactory experience. This is where Win2Win comes into play: you can volunteer by doing what you like to do best and support families in need on the go. In order to take the experience to the next level, our platform gamifies the whole volunteering experience: You can choose which city or village in Africa you want to support; get into direct contact with struggling families benefiting from your donations and earn badges along the way. The small tasks that you can do cover a wide range of activities and are provided by end users via our platform. We offer first-class support for both our end users and volunteers, so if there are any problems, we are always here to help. By providing a hassle-free experience, we think that our scalable solution can recruit enough volunteers to make a difference in solving today's issues also our team is working on the first version of the paltform and you can find the prototype on our website.

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